The My Unicorn Thread


Seems everyone forgot about the unicorn, so I take it back, my unicorn :unicorn:


Here’s the unicorn you found… :point_down:

:joy: I take back MY real UNICORN!


MY unicorn its me so Im MY UNICORN


Then I have to kidnap you.

I hit you with a sponge bat and I take you to my secret place.

My unconscious unicorn!



Going to your secret place with water and sugar… wake the unicorn up… bring the unicorn with me to MY secret place… muahaha MY UNICORN!


Sorry sister, we live in the same place…

I will my unicorn with my to my BF’s house.


I wonder who your BF is… :thinking: perhaps… :bat: ??


Ahhh not, He won’t be lived for tomorrow… however, its Spiderman :wink:


:unamused: now I can’t take back the unicorn… waiting for someone to kill the spidy thing and get the unicorn…


Stop stealing my unicorn :unicorn:

(I kill Spider-Man no problem and take the unicorn for myself)


Did you stomp on the spidy thing?? :muscle:
Then I can take My Unicorn now… :grin:


Sorry, but its my unicorn

(You can have anything else but the unicorn :stuck_out_tongue:)


How could you kill him?! He just was a stupid teen with a life ahead! You just could have come to his house, ring the bell and ask him the stupid unicorn! But Noo, you killed him while Batman is still alive! I guess I have to kill him by myseft :confused:

In revenge of his unnecessary death I’ll take this :unicorn: and I will throw him into a volcano!

@framos1792 (Batman) this is your fault!!!

Give me My unicorn


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Batman can take the blame :neutral_face:
But not the unicorn :joy:


Jajaja Exactly!!!


:scream: :unamused: Time for gangsta granny to show up… :smirk:


End of the games… MY UNICORN!


I do not care who are you! My BF is death for a crazy man in underwears! And my new unicorn will pay the consecuences!


Your bf? :crazy_face:

Maybe bff? :joy:


:angry: MY UNICORN! :smirk:


It’s the same thing :joy:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking: Sorry granwoman, your cup of tea is in other place. Go for it while I take care of my unicorn.