The My Unicorn Thread


He wears tights though, so close enough :joy: :sweat_smile:

The thought that you would even harm the poor unicorn is beyond me, you don’t deserve to have it after this, you can have Batman to beat with the bat instead :stuck_out_tongue:

And finally, we all know that it’s my unicorn :unicorn:


Whaaat make you think a gangsta granny like me drink tea??!! :joy: :smirk:


The same goes for you! :imp:

Is tentative the idea, but not thanks, he is already slave of his mind.

Ahhh… Coffee? Whatever, move on lady orI will put you with some spiders.



Meantime I take my unicorn!


I did it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OT: I need another coffee or some cold, brb.


Which thread are you replying in???

Unicorn still mine! :joy:


Excuse me? :joy::sweat_smile: I’m cooky not mad lol



For this! I will give the unicorn to Batman. I hope you get well soon :smiling_imp:


You can’t just give the unicorn to whoever you please :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :stuck_out_tongue: in the meantime I take my unicorn :unicorn:


Shut up Robin! I do whatever I want :wink: And talking about that… Batman is calling. Go to see what he wants, I take this for you.



Whoaaaa explosive much? :crazy_face:


Yeah, so anyways, its my unicorn :unicorn:


Nooope! Granny’s older… respect the elderly! :crazy_face: so it’s MY UNICORN! :blush:


Im quite sure you aren’t that old lol :stuck_out_tongue: so its still my unicorn


Wow! Should I thank you?! :thinking: :blush: :hugs: buuuut I’m older than you for sure… so it’s my unicorn! :older_woman: :blush:


Ahh, then I switch ages with you and take with me my unicorn


Oh there are free unicorns given away here? My unicorn :unicorn: :clap:


See I’ve come here after long time and I’ve been sick in between so i take away my unicorn :unicorn:


I hope you are better @Honey8

But since no one is here, I take away My unicorn


Ok, time for me to take back my unicorn :unicorn: