The My Unicorn Thread


I hope you don’t care, but I’ll take them back. My unicorns!


Batman continues his rampage and steals all unicorns and takes them to his hidden bat cave #2 that not even Alfred knows about :triumph:


You forgot to log out of your laptop last night and Alfred happened to glance over at it and find the information about the location of bat cave #2 and the passcodes to get in, so he snuck over and gathered up all the unicorns. My unicorns. :joy:


Wuuujuuu Alfred has all the unicorns!!! :smile: Now it will be more easy steal them all. I will grab my unicorns and I’ll runaway!

My unicorns!


Who is alfred?!


You don’t know?!? :scream:
Alfred is Batman’s butler… :point_down:


@jrtrussell is our personal Alfred here… :star_struck: :smile: :grin:

BTW…while you’re learning this…I take back my unicorn… :grin:


But you are mistaken, @jrtrussell is aqua man as we’ve said already lol, so I take back my unicorn :unicorn:


Wow a free unicorn, dont mine if I do take my unicorn. :unicorn:


I dangle a nice juicy carrot in front of the unicorn and it comes to me, my unicorn.


My unicorn eats :lollipop: with :honey_pot: & :cookie: soooooo it comes to me! :rofl:

My unicorn! :grin:


I would expect nothing less than rainbow Oreos from you :rofl:


Here we goooo! :rofl: :yum:



If @jrtrussell is aqua man (well hey aqua man seeing you for the first time i guess :wink: how are you?! Here a big hug dude! :hugs: )

The who is alfred?


Oh lol you literally got them! :joy::joy: The look yum like unicorns ! So i grab mine!n


Thanks for the welcome and the hug :grin:
I was Alfred, but I have become Aquaman.
@IronSoldier16 @chigokurosaki @framos1792 and I had the Aquaman-Batman-Deadpool-Ironman Agreement in which we switched all of our superhero identities during which I switched from Alfred to Aquaman.
Its a long story :joy:


Whoahh!! :smiley::smiley: Who is iron man?! Iron man is my second favorite!


@IronSoldier16 is Ironman (although deep down I think he still is his old identity, the Joker :wink: )


:joy::joy::joy: I can’t stop laughing…
Or a lover of unicorns tho!


:shushing_face: don’t tell her that about me, she shouldn’t know it :wink:

That’s me! And to show you all I’ll take my unicorn.


my unicorn!