The My Unicorn Thread


Don’t you think that it’s better that the new soldiers know that here are some crazy and amazing people since the first moment? Or should I wait a little more? :upside_down_face:


Lol, I’ll leave that to you, I guess they have to be crazy anyway to stick around. :sweat_smile:


She was already warned of you incompetent villains


You are the only villian here onion


Jajajaja silence onion, you will scared her! Jajajaja


Yeah whatever, @princessunicorn don’t listen to that, I’m a gentle soul with a batman complex :roll_eyes: but definitely the good guy here :blush: look :unicorn::cake:(pretend that’s another muffin :crazy_face:)


And still more lies, it never stops!


Ok, ok, ok. Clarify everything here:

@princessunicorn we are normal guys, but we like to annoy each other, so please don’t think we are insane or something like that, no. We act like this frequently :slight_smile:


That’s at least one truth.


I’m normal @princessunicorn, if you just pay attention for just even like 15posts you will see they’re the annoying pests that won’t stay quiet no matter how often batman puts them in their place :roll_eyes:


Heeeey, come on-you must admit I’m the most normal of us :relieved:


I guess that’s true


Because you are not here! You always runaway from everyone :rofl:

@melisLP thanks for the trust :slight_smile:


Normal doesn’t exist bro, face the facts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah I am forever in your debt :relieved:
I take the prized unicorn and gift it to you as a token of my gratitude, powerful Harley :grin:


As I have commonly mentioned, I have a life besides this :roll_eyes:


We all know you dance bro, no need to brag.


Ok, why are you guys buttering me up? First @IronSoldier16 has Rob Bourdon find me now you give me the unicorn. :joy::joy::joy:


Dance sing work play do vigilante work, read to children :roll_eyes: nothing you’d understand :wink:


Neither is being a lazy ass spending your day on a computer 24/7 :wink:
And if that were true you wouldn’t be searching for a job would you? :upside_down_face: