The new


is up :slight_smile: what do you think about it?:slight_smile:


Honestly? WTF were they thinking? It is exactly the same as the LPU. Thank you but no need of another dead site that anyone barely visits. Disappointed again. I don’t think any update will ever beat the old LPN site. That was the best one ever!


Ning is gone, you should be happy.


Does anybody know, if we keep our LPU name, if we sign in with our LPU data? I heard, that we’ll get just a number like user1234??? I didn’t tried that so far as I don’t wanna name like a number.
But I registered with my email adress. Or better to say: I tried to register. I didn’t get a confirmation mail yet.


u can get your lpu name…


I’ve created my new account from my actual LPU account and that’s aweseome dude.