The Next Project - The Unity of Us


Ok so this is where we stand so far…
Album of lyrics is almost complete this project will be out 10th song together

And I want to be the first to say happy 10th song day haha, that and thank you all for your contribution to this and for reigniting the flame in my heart for lyric writing, i was almost done and almost hung up the gloves but you lot didn’t let me so thank you

Right to the nitty-gritty

Time for a song theme and style from everyone
Now usually the person whos song idea we used last (@rickvanmeijel) i would ask not to come up with an idea to make it fair on others to have their idea used
BUT, since this is a small milestone for us I think we should all have an idea to choose from

My theme is: Betrayal
Style: Rock/Nu Metal

The Band
@lplovebug_Jess (are you back for this song?)
@yolo5494 (is absent at the moment)


Shadow of sorrow - Nu metal


Lemon boobs

Punk Rock




That sounds like a Die Antwoord song title.


I mean it like something young-ish, kinda Sum 41


Eyes wide closed - Nu-metal


Theme: being lost

Genre: piano rock



Genre: Rock

(Inspired by my coursework which is due on the 26th!)


quoting oneself is kinda weired :no_mouth:





Here is the list
So the list is either a song theme/song title and the style

  • Betrayal - Rock/Nu-Metal
  • Shadow of Sorrow - Nu-Metal
  • Lemon Boobs - Punk Rock (Sum 41)
  • Eyes Wide Close - Nu-Metal
  • Being Lost - Piano Rock
  • Panic - Rock
  • A Love Song - Rock Ballad
  • Poopies - Upbeat

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The Band



Looks like your title won
List of band members you know the drill
Order of where we fit, how many lines, what section (Verses, Choruses etc etc)

The Band


I love when ya structure us… awwwwwww
isn 't life great?


I’m gonna make it tomorrow. If it’s not done till 15:00, remind me, please. It’s my working day.


Ok team! Here it is. Our parts for the

“Lemon Boobs”

1 line @jabinquaken
2 line @AJ_7
3 line @gatsie

Pre-chorus: @the_termin8r

Line 1 @jabinquaken
Line 2 @theearlywalker
Line 3 @NickGr
Line 4 @acemasters

1 line @yolo5494
2 line @rickvanmeijel
3 line @lplovebug_Jess

Pre-chorus: @acemasters

Chorus - idk if it should be any different from the first one but if you guys want to make smth other, take parts.

Bridge - @theearlywalker

And one more chorus.

If you have any suggestions, write them here :slight_smile:


and what if the last chorus would be a bit different? Like 2 additional lines for the end of the song?


Sounds nice. If you want, do it this way.


The order is set

@jabinquaken you are up first

Everyone else

  1. Make sure to tag the next person
  2. Add the other lines for them
  3. keep it tidy

Lets do this

@jabinquaken i am happy to play about with the final chorus have a combination of the 2 choruses


ready to go next round?

my title: sometimes
genre: pure nu metall

The Band
@criZatu (just added you, in case you like to join)
@amitrish (would be great)
@Im_Normal (if you like to join, feel free!)