The O2 London show, 24/11/14


Hi! Can anyone help me?

With this post I’m reaching out to everyone who attended the Linkin Park show in O2 London, Monday November 24th. Especially to the people in the front of the stage or with a good view to the stage. Or even better, did any of you who reads this get the amazing possibility like I did to join LP on stage at the end of the show??

Like I mentioned, I was one of the lucky people who got to stand alongside Linkin Park on stage (!) at the end of the show! And at one point, I got to really hug Chester!! And I would REALLY love to have a video or picture of this!

So my question is; Is there anyone out there who caught this amazing moment of us standing on stage with LP (and me hugging Chester if I’m extremely lucky! ), on video or photos?? And if so, would you be so kind to share this video/these photos with me? - I will be forever thankful!

I really hope someone can help me with this.


There’s some pictures on here: Photos from the O2 London Concert 23rd November 2014

But none seem to have anyone other than Linkin Park on stage, maybe the original poster has more pictures, though!


Thank you very much for your tip, great photos! But unfortunately these photos are from the show the day before, the 23rd. : (


I have some but wont let me upload on here as I’m a new user, they are a bit blurry but took about 12 photos at the end from block 101


Hi! Oh, that’s great! I would love to see your photos, @Ghost_Of_Amarie! Maybe you could e-mail them to me? :slight_smile:


If you agree to e-mail them to me, I’ll write my e-mail:)


hi this video i seen myself on this and you might be able to see yourself this is the best quality video ive found


Hi, thank you! That video is by far the best one!