The Ode to Life


Alarm clock rings
Another sleepless night
My mind thinking about things that were
About people that left

I feel alone in this cruel world
Drowning in my tears
Nobody here to save me
I’m slowly dying

I wish the death came sooner
I wish to stop being afraid
I wish to have the courage
To die…

Again walking on the street
Thinking of many ways to die
Trying to find a light in the tunnel
There’s none


wow that is really deep and dark but I really like it and by reading that do you need to talk to someone about your feelings cause if you do I will be here for you


It’s really good ! I don’t really know how to explain this, but there’s like a music, or a rythm, in this poem, even if there’s no rhymes…
I think it’s your best poem so far !


I like it… a lot :wink:
It’s very nice!


Thank you guys :slight_smile: