The Official Malaysian LP Fanclub on Facebook


Hey, ya’ll!

If, by any chance, you own a Facebook account, I hope you could join “Linkin Park Revolution Malaysia”.

We are trying to make this group the one and only Malaysian fanclub where we could connect and contact easily, have fan gatherings, be informed with the latest news,and share the joy and tears with each other.

I shall let the message from the founder explain the rest:

[quote]"To all Linkin Park fans out there. I have founded a fan club for Linkin Park fan club in Malaysia called Linkin Park Revolution Malaysia and I hope you will join me and the soldiers to make the fan club nationwide. Our group page is and at the moment, we are printing out our 1st ever club t-shirts.
Please show support by joining the fan club and purchasing the t-shirt. We want to be recognized and bring Linkin Park back in our soil once more after 9 years hiatus. Please spread the word of this club to everyone you know eventhough you maybe not a fan of theirs but it would do us a great favour to reach those who are. "

  • From Gabz Miester, founder of LPRM[/quote]