The Person Above Me


Tpam is awesome! And i love his music sooo much :heart_eyes:
Btw i was listening to sick and prosperity today :smile::smile:


The person above me got another tattoo and was in the one more light live crawling video


The person above me is from?
Wait… where are you from?


Ohio :joy: :laughing:


I feel like this game is just stating the obvious a lot of the time :joy: :joy:


Tpam favorite song is crawling on one more light live


The person above me loves somewhere I Belong


Haha, its pretty much crawling in general. :laughing:


Tpam is right that is my favorite song


The person above has the hair color I always wanted


Tpam has a cool tattoo


Oh yesss! Now I’ll complete…
Tpam (that time) is from ohio! :smiley::sweat_smile::laughing::joy:

Tpam has a cool profile pic! :open_mouth::open_mouth:


The person above me has a big heart :blue_heart:


The person above me is from London! And enjoys lovely london skiessss !! :smiley:


Tpam is always speeding kindness and joy


The person above me changes her profile picture so much I don’t even have time to compliment them anymore :joy: when I come back, there’s already an another one !


:joy::joy::joy: tpam likes the profile pic of the person above it! :joy:


tpam changed its surname


Tpam is back spreading love :heart::sparkling_heart::heart:


tpam is having an awesome morning! :smiley: :sunny: