The Person Above Me


Awwwww thanx my dear bro :hugs: that was tpam is also :sunny:️, and you really touched me rn :heart_eyes:


Your deserve it! You’re the best, caring and most affective person I ever met.


Wow - thanx, and it really is a pleasure to be here and if it makes a difference - then it’s a honour …

Tpam is a very talented artist - he has the gift to touch ppl‘s hearts, like mine rn, with his writing, his music and his enthusiasm he is on the way to have a great life :hugs: and is always here to be of help and support for everyone in need :heart_eyes: thanx for that @IronSoldier16 :+1:t2:


Awww you!! You have left me with no words to express my gratitude and happiness right now.

I think that was God, the destiny or I don’t know who, but someone gave us (you, @Honey8, @lpfan61, @NickGr, @acemasters, @AJ_7, @gatsie, @evooba, @jabinquaken, @rickvanmeijel, @chigokurosaki and all the other guys and me) something very special. I don’t know what it is, but I feel in my heart.


Awwwww guys!!! :heart_eyes: :blush: sooooo happy to be part of this family! :blush: [ :sun_with_face: :hugs: ] --> to all!! :smile:

TPAM is my lil brother! :smile:


TPAM is very sweet and I hope I can meet her one day


Awwww!!my dear!! :blush: :sun_with_face: was tired,but feel recharged rn :hugs:

TPAM is gooood writer! :heart_eyes:


Tpam is a very lovely person and always so sweet and nice to all, you deserve all the love :hugs::heavy_heart_exclamation::hugs::heavy_heart_exclamation: and I hope to meet you some day as well. Thank you for being a loving and caring person :yellow_heart::two_hearts::yellow_heart::two_hearts: and remember youre loved and you always will be.


TPAM is using LP’s lyrics in his message.


Tpam taught me of the song Chester sung in Spanish :joy:


TPAM knows many words in Japanese.


:joy: actually I don’t, I used Google and cheated :joy::shushing_face: but I know German more than any other currently. Tpam is good at teaching Spanish.


OT: And if I say: neko no namae ha desu ka? Do you understand at least a word? I know you like anime.

TPAM lives in Ohio.


I haven’t watched anime in a long time honestly, and all I really know is hello, I always watched the English myself, very little Japanese.

Tpam lives in Guatemala


I’m not an obsessive lover of anime. I like the language. BTW the previous sentence said: what’s the name of the cat?

TPAM has two “i” in his name.


Tpam has two i’s in his name as well lol


The person is my brother


Tpam is my sister and im happy to have her in my life


Tpam and i have decided to build a snowman together one day! :heart_eyes::smiley::joy:


TPAM had very busy while I was sleeping, I admire you, @Honey8!