The Position I am In


Once upon a time, LPU was my escape. I flew just to see LP in concert. I stepped away for a time, and didn’t realize how chaotic my life had gotten. I was no longer an LPU member, and had all the wrong people around me.

I am a fan. I am a fan that watches from the shadows in the wings back stage, or takes media photos for the radio station, or calls the lighting and sound cues. Production is my profession.

And I’m in grad school.

The thing is… suicide is my graduate research topic, and has been for years.

I don’t know how to explain the position I am in. I’ve worked with performers in difficult scenes. I’ve performed myself amid the stress. I haven’t always done my best.

I know fans of Chester are out there everywhere. I have no choice but to now dedicate my work to you.

To Mike and LP: if you’re out there, I have 44 hours of ink, most of it dedicated to the memory of others. I want you to pick out my next piece.