The Rhyme Game of LP lane!


Oh no! Where was this since years?!
Last seen
What should i do and how??
I didn’t searched …now?
@samuel_the_leader ?


I don’t know ethier because if it’s before late 2017 I don’t know about ethier lol

So don’t feel bad
Stay glad


But still it’s a duplicate
And now i am very late
Can’t we delete thread?
We should have revived that… :hushed:


What if mods can merge this one with the old game?? Is there a possibility @jFar920 or @derek sorry to bother you guys…


Oh yes maybe… help mods. Thank you


I hope that works


I’m not going to merge, this will be the NEW thread.


In the end all is fine
And we can get back to the rhyme


But in the end it doesn’t even matter
Because in this life nothing lasts forever
Remember all the sadness and frustration and let it part
Cause I don’t wanna know the end all I want is a place to start
So I’ll erase myself and let go of what I’ve done
Because in the end we will all become one
All I wanna do is trade this life for something new
So we’ll burn it to the ground and start anew
No more saying that we’ve become so numb
Or that these wounds won’t heal
One day we will erase all the pain till its gone
And remember that when life leaves us blind
Love keeps us kind


Thank you Derek to always come here and be our dear ! :hugs: (Oh is that a rhyme !? :see_no_evil: :blush: )


Now as all is worked out-

We can rhyme inhere just awesome and loud


Lol, I tried to make something from this


Now you know I can make it too like this :blush: (I’ve never known I could make rhymes! :smile: )


You never know what you can do
Unless you do it :smiley:
You don’t know it!
Great to see people around!
Well i am going for a round
Walk + podcast along
Later will continue this song! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::hugs:


Going to rock the world cover in gold! :grin:


Everyone here deserves loved
And lots of bone crusher hugs


How is my family?!
Hope all doing good :grinning:
I just had some food
Came here to check in
Having busy weekend
School starts tmro
Lots of threads to followww! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Yaay! Honey’s back to spam the track! :heart_eyes: (:see_no_evil: nothing better came to mind lol )


It’s alright ! :wink:
Well it’s night
So I’ll hit bed soon
I’ll post when i do


Night here too
I’m making rhymes with you