The Rhyme Game of LP lane!


Going to revive this thread
Before night makes me heading to bed :grin:


have sweet dreams by dear
and let them be about unicorns and not fear


Thank youuu!
I’ll stay up a bit more
To have fun with you all


Be sure to come back and bring a soccer ball!
I can’t play goalkeeper cause I’m not tall :frowning:
But hey it’s OK, Messi is small :joy:
Come one, come all let’s play
Before the end of day
Then at the end, let’s make more rhymes, what do you say? :smiley:


Making rhyimes is a bit difficult
But I’ll try to do it magnificent :joy:


@lpfan61 is a ray of sunshine
Giving us all of her love everyday
So from all of us here in the LPU
We just want to say thanks
You’re a kind sister unlike any other
Always passing down love and joy to one another
Remember we love you and always will
Together we stand and forever will

(Lol, ryming is only as hard as you make it, sometimes it is, others not so much, but if you put your mind to it, anything is possible)


Awwwww!!! Thank youuuu!! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :heart:

Thank you
I love you too (nothing better came to mind… :sweat_smile: :heart: )


I came to yeet
ya’ll boutta be beat
or you can just eat
this salty meat

that I froze
while you had a doze

it came from a can
but don’t worry my man

it won’t cause you the pain
you would experience upon glancing at Bruce Wayne (@framos1792)


Alright alright picking up the mic from the dolphin-aquaman
Batman boutta lay out the plan
Letting Wayne’s beats slap harder than Jackie chan
This is turning out to be a rhyme rap battle with the wannabe anime
Yo deadpool, time to come out to play
@Chigokurosaki tryna sound like a shot of sake
Wishing he could add a little flavor like wasabi
Am I hurting your feelings oh me so sowee
Time to see what you’ve got
Get in here and take your shot
Our feuds been cooling down for way too long
Time to get it on like DONKEY KONGGGGG :scream::rage:


So now you decide to come back at ne since Ironman isn’t here, how brave of you onion :roll_eyes: you could at least come up with something better than this anyway, aqua man did it better :rofl:


I don’t see YOU trying :joy:
Let’s put it out to vote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You make this sound like some 8 mile sh*t bro :rofl:


Fuuudge you got me :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
It was on tv last night and I caught the last bit where he’s battling :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That’s why I was feeling it :grin:


And i am ready to vote it :joy:
Guys go for it!
Put min options as two!
So that i don’t get confused! :joy:

See what i got for you!
A soccer ball :soccer: @Woco21 :smiley:
Well I’d love to play!
To tell in advance, I don’t know rules of the game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


damn man, this thread needs lift off and chigosjust getting pissed off
wheres the poet @IronSoldier16 at? if you dont get over here, im gonna grab that bat
tick tock running out the clock,
im losing my patience
like DR mike, a struggling doctor no patients
yeah i just stole that one, but come on that line’s just fun
im burning through time in here alone
someone pop out a rhyme before i turn to stoneeeee


This boi out here stealin’ rhymes?
I’m aboutta put an end to these crimes
Aquaman in the House
Look out I’m gonna pounce
No time to run
I’ve got my gun
Aimed at your head
Loaded with bars instead of lead
Yea I’ll battle you ya dark knight
It’s my day off so I’m tryna keep my work light


light? boy you better come ready for the fight,
at least with you this thing will be tight, you all right
but heed the dark knight, hold that 9mil tight
that kickback has a mean bite,
we wouldnt want you to mess up that little face, tryna keep up in this race, well…for you its just a chase :roll_eyes: but come on!:clap: youll get second place :grin:


I ain’t second place
My rhymes got first place
Without any lace
This is how we place
My rhymes got a race



Ohhhh what a nice treat
we just got beattt
Lpfan brought the heat
Throwing down lines nice and neat
Ima have to come back on fleek (never in my life had I used this word :crazy_face::sob: I’m ashamed :joy:)
To keep up my own streak
Time to go freak-mode
Bout to unload
Like super Mario toad
Leveling up Til I erode-
All the walls holding me back
So get ready for the attack
Best believe you gonna crack
Til all your mind can do is quack quack quack


I’m so smart on the chart let apart being a dart in your heart close to Mars with a start on the part in the compart under the depart of a purple go-cart
Just to let you have a chance… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: