The Rhyme Game of LP lane!


Is a master in this game
As you see
I pretty su*k at this
I don’t even know why
I decided to post my rhymes
I’m not so good as her
To introduce a post like that
Now I gotta leave 'cause I have no more ideas
Keep spreading love and never fear


And I put the cool face
Even if with the rhymes I do mistakes


Someone said mars?! :smiley: I also heard cars?
Or i guess i didn’t… just seeing day stars :joy:
It’s too happy light in here!! :heart_eyes:
And the skies no more clearr!!
I miss the sunset down near
My home which is close to sea!
And here’s the entry of :honeybee: bee!

But the :honeybee: is too sick :pensive::cry:
Have fever cough and cold😷
I dunno when I’ll be fine
Can’t do any work
Can’t even dine well
Even rhymes match fell

Oh yes @Marilau
This is the game all about
Rhyme whatever you like
Doesn’t matter how good or bad
You don’t need to be sad.
You are going great :heart:


My dear sis is sick!!! :scream: :cold_sweat: :sob:
That’s just an unfair body trick! :pleading_face:
Here’s a lollipop on stick :lollipop:
And much sunshiny hugs to help you heal


Sick? Poor you!
I hope you heal very soon
Even if “no work” sounds so cool
Angel, I know in a short time you will be good :kissing_heart: :heart:

If this can make you feel better
This morning I vomited, but I have no fever :roll_eyes:


Thank you love… that was a good trick :blush:
Stick by me… and I’ll be disease free…

It’s after years i fell ill so bad.
And it’s too sad

No dear i still work a bit
I am going back to do little bit.
But yes i do take enough sleep
More than necessary rest

Tmro dentist appointment as well
They’ll tighten the braces
And give pain as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hellooooo my dear!!
Just wrote to you for real! :blush:
Thinking how are my pretty sister
Giving her lot of kisses :grin: :blush: :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::kissing_heart:


Yup, it’s pretty weird
I really hope you’re better today
By the way
It’s better that at home you stay
But if you have to go and do something more
I wish you to don’t get worse

Keep healing :heart:


Thank you my angels :blush:
I am healing fast
Just heavy head lasts

Yes @lpfan61 ik :slight_smile:
I replied you tho.

@Marilau yes dear.
At home i stay
School skipped 2 days
And today was holiday
I take leave tmro as well
Directly go on Saturday



Stay strong dear!
Sunshiny powerful hugs awaiting for you here!

:sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Thank you.
I am cured now
Back to bee killing goals.
Got a rhyme inside my soul
Trying to write after a long time
It’s for me a new style
I’ll post when i end
But it will take a while to end

Have a good day everyone
Heads up and towards the sun
Stay motivated
Stay ignited! :fire::heart:


My dear is fiiineee!! :musical_note: :notes: :musical_note:
Nice to see you around
I can be the happiest one now! :musical_note: :notes: :musical_note: :notes: :blush: :hugs: :hugs:


So glad to hear you’re okay :heart:
You really made my day
The problem now is dealing with all the work
But you will make it through, I know :kissing_heart:


A fire is burning in our hearts
Nobody can set us apart :grin:


Only love can fill the heart
Sadness will break it apart
Anger will make it hollow
Despair only will swallow

Greed will make it corrupt
Misery will never lift it up
Lies are never good to start
Because only love can fill the heart


Thank you i promise
I won’t break the believe
Cause ik not working hard enough
Is betraying trust that y’all give.
Will never let y’all down.
Cause you’ve been my strength when i frown. :blush:

Nobody ever can.
That’s true and wan. :blush:

And yes charles! :smiley: ( @chigokurosaki )
Only love can fill our hearts
It was great talking to ya in morning
Sending strength for everything.
Hope all your problems go away
And you dance happily near the bay
Like a small kid that smiles
When receives a big chocolate
On his the birthday date
Hope all worries leave you
And leave a happy you.
My truest wishes with you.
Here a bone crushes for you :hugs:

And all other angels too :hugs::hugs::hugs:
Cause only love can fill our hearts
And bring us close from apart :heart::two_hearts:


We have you back home :grin:

The family here
Is awaiting you to be hear
And not disappear :grin:


I will never dear.
I am always here
Just a tag away
Connected through other ways :blush::hugs:


Don’t even think about it
We will always trust you until the end
Not because you’re hardworking
But because our hearts you conquered :heart:


I’ve got no words left
Today was a hard day
But reading this is so peaceful
I’ve got no words to say
Just thank you for everything :heart:


You’re always welcome
You know this dear
Whenever you need us
We are here :hugs: