The Rhyme Game of LP lane!


Rocking this thread
With the rhymes in my head
Before going to bed
And sleep overhead :laughing:


4 days ago!
It’s too long no go!
So here i show
The love :heartpulse::sparkling_heart::heart: to be flowed!


Ah thanks for what you bestow
But now it’s my turn to throw
A little love to this thread
Before I go to bed
Someone keep it lit
Let’s show a little grit
Before I throw a fit :upside_down_face: I don’t knowwww haha


Reliving the show
With what we don’t know
And grabbing a cookie
With an Oreo rookie :laughing:
To laughing out loud
In the cloud :joy:


Oh great then!
I get a chance
To hug that cloud
And laugh out loud
And sing these rhymes aloud :smiley:
Hoooboo doo
We are all cool
And created a drooool
Going aloof
From the sady fools!
In this cloud soo coolll!

See y’all moons !
Coming to spam soon!


Yaaaaay my dear!!
Nice to hear!
Happy to see ya!
Giving you hugs here! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:



:joy: I loved this line!


Don’t stop the shine
With your quoting time
Grab a pen
And write up then


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Tonight promise. :kissing_heart:
I am going offline
so I’ll do all stuffs fast
And here at last!


all night I grind
to expand my mind
I need a break
whens a holiday for &%$@s sake?


Exactly broo!
I can’t see any holidays to goo! :tired_face:
Grinding all day night
We just keep up this fight
These days i even sleep less
I wish I don’t be an insomniac mess! :joy:
Well i think I won’t be
It takes 21 continuous days to be!


I enjoy hearing all your rhyme and raps they are so cute

To you all I salute


Night here
But no fear
Night is awesome
My dear
Beep beep
Before go to sleep
Gaming asleep


I don’t know if it’s the same there
But here a catastrophe happened
Because of wind
Fell the trees
There are pieces of wall in every street


Stay strong!
Yup, here too!
But it was the water that flowing down
To break it back down :confused:
Well, I’m safe & sound
Hope the same for you… :hugs:


Oh yeah I know it by now
Do you live in Venice or thereabout?
I heard the water there
Went everywhere
Glad you’re safe how can we do without you? :heart_eyes:
It was pretty risky here too
Think my mother who was going back home
For miracle hasn’t be hit by falling pieces of wall
I’m so glad she’s okay
I think I’m more shocked than her :woozy_face:


Venice?? Oh no no no
I’m not from there!
I’m far away the water city
Rome is my place

Awwwy thank you!!
You’re so sweet! :blush:

Glad to hear you’re safe too
And the mother too :muscle: :sun_with_face:


So much destruction !
No gains ! :hushed:
Stay safe from rains. :two_hearts:


Thanks my dear
All pass by with no pain
Just like a train


Lying on my bed listening to ‘Faint’
Can’t sleep hope I won’t be up late
How’s everyone, had a good day?
I’ll listen to what you’ve got to say…