The Rhyme Game of LP lane!


To laugh and grin
Smile and sing
Rhyming words with anything
I thought I’d bring
My own chicken wing
Dipping sauce is everything


Master’s in da house
Would make rhymes like a ( :thinking: ) mouse
Me just trying to make one
With none
:see_no_evil: :joy:


Alrighty Okie :joy:
Felt you said that to me!
Cause sometimes i sleep less than it.

Oh yeah chicken wings!
Sounds yum dipped in everything :joy:

But you create beautiful ones :joy:
Áwêßómé to see rhymes flow here
Some love for me when i am not there

There were gonna be study camps till 17
Unexpectedly school inspection came in.
For this one day show all was stopped.
Now they’ll probably again tie the knot
And make us grind harder now
Well I can’t tell y’all about
How much i miss everyone
But i ãlwåyß know everyone’s blessings here
With me so there’s nothing to fear
From anything and any obstacle that comes
I am a warrior and don’t let a stone unturn.
Will grind a lil harder this weekend
And come to share love in the end!! :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::two_hearts:


20 days without rhymes!
Gonna check here to make some files!
Missing the fun
Join us writing up
Singing along and never give up! :crazy_face:


Oh yes! It’s been quite long
Just coming here and rhyming along!
Going to school cy’all later!
To keep rhymes flowing will be better
So I’ll come back soon!
To this lovely place of boon! :heartpulse::hugs:


Nice to hear you my dear!
Waiting on forum
Without falling in boredom :crazy_face:


Waiting for the end to come
Wishing all assignments would end…
This was not what I’d planned
This is out of my controol !:joy:
Working every day and night
Striving for some free timee
I miss these lovely rhyming chimes :joy:
When am i back to this homeee? :frowning:


New year started!
Get back relaxed!
Started amazed!
Nicely awaited! :crazy_face:


Nobody answering
Me keep writing
Losting chances
Talking randomly
Intricately :crazy_face:


So rude leaving you talking alone
It’s my fault for putting down the phone :sob:
But I’m taking back the throne
Ah yeah I’m feeling in the zone

Back to raise some hell
Let’s go ring the bell
On this task we must not fail!
The crazy ship is ready to sail! :crazy_face:


It wasn’t you it was me!
Who abandoned the thread into unknown sea! :ocean:

I am back to home this april
After i end up all perils
We’ll together have a creative month
And sing again all the rhymes we sung
Till then it’s okie if it’s less flowing
Cause later we’ll got a sea storm blowing :sunglasses: :crazy_face:


Welcome back @framos1792 and @Honey8!!
Hugging you both with sunshiny powerful caring love! :crazy_face: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :heart:

Where do the rhyme go? I don’t know…
Just keeping with the flow…


The rhymes got lost
In the flood which i brought :joy:


Getting in motion my lil brain
To write something in chain
Without getting a grain
In despair


Gimme a dime
and I’m gonna rhyme


Gimme a good grade
And I won’t get a bad mark in latin
Peace and love guys
Hope everything is fine


Don’t be upset
It’s time to bed


Go ahead and rest your head


A cup of coffee, a cup of tea,
It’s the way the day can be


Sure the day can be any way
Depends how you spend the rest of it.
Goals and work, you’ve got it.
Fun and music, help out of it
When you need to relax and play
And have a lil short break
Well, i love this rhyming place
Thanks everyone for keeping the grace :two_hearts: