The sign of the lpu on a selfmade shirt allowed? Copy&Paste


I´m styling my own t shirt for the 2/3.09. with a shirtinatorblabla, now my question: Do ya think its allowed to use their signs even FM? Or is that a copyright thing? I mean, it´s for me, for these special events, that is even though a part of making me more and more ready, ecxiting and full of hope and power, (had set a countdownclock, find it here
So, now, can anybody help, explain me that case? I write to HQ too, but I have to become it ready, if not it´s bullsh…with doing it on graphic progs, than…handmade, so or so Im full of joy :joy:


If you aren’t selling it for profit I think you should be fine to make it for yourself or friends


@TripleXero Thanks a lot, I´m still on creating on shirtiblabla listen to MTM drink a cold beer and try to fix it, it costs really nrvs, So


I´m giving up, maybe it was the beer, I try now, to make a pause to drink an @Evooba Ice colde latte macchiato con giacco, ice cubes, I´m in love with this these days


Agreed with @TripleXero. Enjoy your coffee! :slight_smile:


Cool! Are you designing your own FM shirt? Can I see the result when it’s done? I’m sure they might even feel honored that you make your own LP fanmade shirt :smile: