The smart questions thread


I will check this out. I started with “Ascent of Money” and it was so beautiful that I started reading more. Now I have read a lot of things, but the structure keeps getting complex.


The only song that will ever matter about money… jijiji


What things can we do to make life truely meaningful?


That’s up to you to decide on account of you being the only judge of what is meaningful to you.


If you wanna go deeper than the answer @the_termin8r gave you, then you start realizing how memes and societal expectations come into play. How something that was an idea of the human being, formed up with many other ideas to form this very existence we now live. If you think of it in simple terms, you are making your moves, in the eternal chess game that is life. We are given options of “what to be” in life, to be sprockets to the ever evolving wheel that is civilization. Sometimes, even a job just isn’t enough to satisfy a person. Sometimes they feel left out, because what society pushes, just isn’t for them. We have come a long way to this point.


Big question that maybe doesn’t have a proper answer: why do people get sick?
Q2: why do people get sick at young age of incurable diseases?
Q3: why are there incurable diseases in 2018??


Like Death is the opposite of Life, it’s dual nature is a “lesson” so to speak. Without sickness, we would not know health, so it must exist in this world that runs on duality.

I guess it all runs in your genes, that is much more scientific based I believe. To me, in a spiritualistic aspect, it could be just an invocation of karma, as within Buddhism, pain is life, gives it a means. I mean, I as an example, have a condition found in 1 in 100,000 people. It consists of the heart, its bigger than usual, but it wouldn’t seem to affect me throughout life.

Well, to be honest, Big Pharma really is out there to “treat” the condition, not solve it. Just look at all the side effects on a pharmaceutical drugs label. What use is there in selling you the antidote, if treating it in the long run is more money?


Considering science, I think you know about antibodies and antibiotics. I think when the natural self defense of body weakens, we get sick. To answer number 3, I think there are many unexplored areas in science. We see a lot of difference fron 1800s and now. Maybe we can expect something similar in next 100 years.

While thinking upon your question, I was fascinated by the fact that humans live on an average of 70-80 years. Why is such the case? There is a joke about it, but anybody knows of any scientific explanation?


Ok, kinda agreed, maybe totally… but… we can learn from “weak” illness too…

:thinking: umm… now that you make me think about it, I learned more from hard times, than happy ones…

But… what could a baby, even a lil child learn from an incurable illness if he/she dies??

I’m glad to hear your fine either way!! :hugs:

Yeah, pharma factories think like that…
So…why do researches and getting funds for that??!


Wow! I found the answer too.

As we grow older, we slowly accumulate damage to our DNA and other molecules, which turns the intricate machinery of our cells into a creaky, dysfunctional mess. In most cases, that decline leads to diseases of old age, like cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s. But if people live past their 80s or 90s, their odds of getting such illnesses actually start to fall—perhaps because they have protective genes.


That’s understandable… I mean we all know we have to die sooner or later…

Now what I want to ask is "why there should be children/teens getting sick and never reach 80s?


That’s probably because your immune system is weaker when you’re a child.


:thinking: So it’s the “old” law: only the strongest will be alive, will grow up, etc…
Something like that…


I think that’s more a matter of natural selection, but yes.


Survival of the fittest, yes. Those who can better adapt to their surroundings have a higher chance of survival. I mean think about it, if the human being would remain “uncivilized” and stayed in the jungle, then their survival percentage would be lower. Put a city person in the jungle and FOR SURE you will have some problems lol.


:thinking: We learnt something new with evolution, but we lost some others too…like the capacity of feeling dangers, like the animals do with predators for example… Or not?

On a side note, this is going to become a biiiiig theme… we started from illness…lol


Natural selection has essentially been halted by people in high visibility jackets. It needs to be restarted, the first step should be to legalise all drugs.


Wait! What’s the correlation with drugs??


Drugs are taken exculsively by imbeciles, if you let them take one type of drug, they’ll eventually escalate to something harder and then to an OD.


Umm… I don’t think I understood well… You mean if drugs will be legalized, then it’ll be a way to select people??