The smart questions thread


If drugs are widely available, more idiots will be able to buy them. If stuff like heroin and cocaine is widely available, idiots can start dying of overdoses more quickly. It’s one of many ways to get natural selection going again.


:thinking: I’m sure if something like that happens, then we’ll start to see many new centres for addicted people with lots of money around them…fundraisers etc… So the effect you say wouldn’t be that strong… my thoughts…


But if the intended purpose of the new availability is natural selection, then centres won’t really exist, at least not government approved ones.


Ah… well I don’t think governments will agree in something like that to practically “kill” people… :sweat_smile: or if they’ll legalize drugs it’ll be not for that reason… :woman_shrugging:


I know. I’m just saying that that’s how I’d set about doing it if I was in power. :joy:


:joy: That was a good plan then! :joy: I just hope you’ll not have the power! :see_no_evil: :joy: :joy:


A simpler way to experiment this is to remove ALL warning labels but then only intelligent and the cowardly will survive, and if you survived just because you did nothing exciting, well…


This. Right now we don’t even get to decide for ourselves what we put into our bodies. Instead, governments do. It’s just ridiculous. Every human being naturally has self-ownership, which means we own our own bodies (and mind), it’s our property. For a government to come in and decide what we can or can’t take in, is basically a claim onto our bodies. In other words, slavery.

/End rant :smile:


We’re slaves in many other ways if I can say… not only that… :confused:


To call the illegality of drugs ‘slavery’ is a bit of a jump, but I get what you mean.


I personally think people also get sick because of population. Equilibrium has to be restored some way. Since we don’t have natural predators, illness is the next way.

We haven’t lost that. It’s just redirected. Fight or Flight mode is what it’s called. Like when you are nervous for a presentation or job interview it activates this.

Actually I read a Psych article on this. When drugs are less stigmatized, more legal, and help more readily available, lesser people turn to drugs. This was the case in Portugal. It worked very well. You can look it up

A good read:


Yes absolutely. For example, taxation is another form is slavery. Again it’s a claim from government, this time on the reward of your hard work. It’s not just a claim though, because they will send police to come and arrest you with violence if we refuse to pay them. In other words, we have no choice, thus it’s slavery.

Not really a jump, I’m just calling it out by what it really is.


Technically that’s blackmail.


Yes exactly! Not even technically, it IS blackmail


On paper, taxes actually make sense, if you live in a community, it makes sense that you should contribute to making it better and maintaining it (infrastructure, healthcare, public transport, etc…). How the goverment chooses to spend that money is a whole different issue.


I say they don’t make sense, not even on paper. No matter how many good things get financed by taxes, they’ll always be blackmail and a form of slavery by definition. The ends don’t justify the means.

There are better moral ways to build a community or society, but for the most part we haven’t tried anything else but slavery yet. Which is very sad in my opinion. Imagine the possibilities of a free society where people make their own choices on how to spend their money (all of their money, not just the tax-free part). There would even be no (or significantly less) wars, because wars get financed with tax money. So why to this day, do we let a small bunch of ‘‘rulers’’ decide where the money goes to? Can’t we decide that for ourselves?


Without taxes, societies and countries would be entirely unable to be run. They are a large part of the governments income, and without it infrastructure would not be able to be constructed, various programs would have to shut down, and we wouldn’t have a military to protect us.

That is also the reason we must pay the taxes, to have the opportunity to use these different amenities provided by our governments. If you don’t pay them, then you shouldn’t have the luxury of using the infrastructure, programs, and protection from the military that the governments provides you with.


The basic problem with that “community” is that we are assuming everyone will contribute. Think of it this way: even today many doesnt when it is your moral obligation to pay taxes so that roads and other insfrastructures could be built. There are many things which we think are wrong but has been proven right. It has been said that if you divide the money equally among all, the money will come back to the same current structure again in a short period of time. Similarly there are many examples where the idea of community will fail. We live in a society where we send thousands of cards to a little girl with cancer to show our “love, support and my-thoughts-and-prayers”, but dont help a poor person in front of us. It should not take a disaster to bring people back together. Humans are wired in a way where most show support only when it is not a loss to us.

*Vent mode about to start. Will see you all later.


That is an assumption, we don’t know for sure, because there has never been a ‘‘taxless’’ based society.

Regarding these two points, @the_termin8r and I have already reasoned that taxation is blackmail and slavery. You really think that is the only way a society will be able to run? Also, taxation isn’t moral (because it’s slavery), so why should anyone feel obliged to pay them? It’s a complete immoral system.

Like I said, why would people not be able to finance things on a free will basis, instead of through taxes? This way, only the best projects would be financed (who would pay for bad roads?), only the best health care would be financed, only the best food would be produced, only the best security companies, etc.


To add to this actually, there was a point where Potugal did something about it and decriminalized them. Of course the more options you gave people, the less they would do drugs.