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See my point over here. There’s no escaping this. Every country in the world runs on taxes.

No, people don’t agree to comply, the law is enforced on the people. But this is a whole different discussion :joy:


And why do you say it is stealing whereas it is clear that he put in efforts in planning and executing the task? We say it is bad bacause it goes beyond the general consensus of good and bad and protects what is rightfully yours. It does you harm as you lose your money because of no fault of yours and without reaping any rewards. In case of taxes, you get benefits. Some are useful to you, some are useful to other majority.

Say a farmer says I will keep what I produce (his free will) and the same concept is applied by all, how will the society survive. This is how civilizations emerged. By improving upon the basic ideas of today’s economics.


Well, I can’t explain it more clearly than I have above. Stealing = taking someone else’s property with violence, which no one has a right to do. Just because he put in hard work to plan his evil task, does that mean the stealing is justified? Of course not!


Every country runs this way because a country cannot run without it. Through the evolution of governments throughout history, it has emerged as the most efficient and effective method. No country running on a different system has ever survived.

By living in the country and being a citizen they are complying. They can choose to not comply by not living there and becoming a citizen. They are not forced to do either of these things.

However, if they want to receive the amenities and protection provided by the government, things viewed as a luxury in many parts of the world, they must pay the country in the form of taxes (to complete the exchange). If someone were to use these amenities and protection and not pay the government back and took advantage of those who did, they deserve to be punished. And btw I don’t believe they are punished violently. I think it is only jail time.


First of all, stealing doesn’t necessarily involve violence.
Secondly, you also agree that people will pay for what they need but ir shouldnt be a mandate. The problem here is nnot everything is a mandate. You can exercise your free will and not work, not earn and thus not have to pay taxes. But you want the best of the amenities without the consequences of paying for it simply because you dont like it.
In your ideal society, will it be that a cup of coffee is whatever the person wants to pay? Will it be similarly done for a tv? If the human race eveporated at this very moment, billions of year later we would probably come to the same situation after trying the idea of your society because it fails on many parameters and the current system is more well suited.


Aye, maybe we should ponder another question. We’ve talked about this one long enough and all put forth good points. I think it’s about time for something new.


Agreed with @amitrish

We’re slave because somebody made laws that aren’t completely right… how to explain… first of all corruption is everywhere literally, so governments make laws according to their own profit and we can do almost nothing to “save” ourselves from that…yeah, we vote for our representatives, but who really know them and their plan? And what if they’re honest but can’t do the job properly for various reasons?
Every modern society needs rules and a guidance… but we need “right” rules and no corruption in governments!


Well it was a great day discussing with you all and I’ll end my thoughts today with this:

I’m still convinced that we’re far from a moral society, that taxation (and the concept of government in general) is slavery and is the main problem that holds us back from morality and prosperity.


This, the mass populace is, unfrotunately, composed mainly of tools. Take the fall of communism back home in Bulgaria. Back then, all the people who knew what oppression really was and had the brains to go about fighting back properly, did. Eventually the communist rule ended and people were free, yet the simpletons had no clue what to do with said freedom. Imbeciles need to be lead, becasue the moment you give an idiot power, is the moment you shoot yourself in the foot cough America cough. I’m not saying communism is good (the complete opposite in fact), I’m saying the stupid cannot be allowed to do as they please.

I was just about to say this. lol

I’m not sure how things are done in NL, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what typically happens in other countries. You usually get threatened with legal action, not an SAS raid.

That really isn’t the definition of slavery. In the civilised world, we’re all actually pretty free, we have it good.

Money corrups. If people don’t want to pay taxes (parts of which go to healthcare) why would they pay for healthcare for everyone when they have the option to not. If they did, wouldn’t they be back to square one? Humans are selfish entities (the whole concept of not paying tax is an example of said selfishness), why would we want to help random strangers when we could be helping friends and family first? Taxes are a compromise that help build a ‘safety net’ for everyone.

This (again). Take a far simpler example: uni projects. What kind of chaos is it when there isn’t someone in the group to say what needs to be done?

This is where my crazy scheme of abolishing money through the automation of every single human job comes into play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, it took me an entire album to read the ~24 replies. Though with that said, this post hasn’t helped in ending it. :joy:

I’m glad this didn’t degenerate into a yt comment stream.

No hard feelings over here.


Exactly this!!

Agreed with you Rob! Not going sentece by sentence or we’ll never end it here… :sweat_smile:


Didnt you read this? I sacrificed a lot to keep the forums clean. :yum: You all would have been a target of misdirected anger.


“Trust” as everyone want doesn’t really exists. It’s a subjective matter imo. Nobody can tell you what trust is.

What do you mean with this? I never understood it :sweat_smile:


That is true, but is needed to a certain extent, even in tribes to thrive as a community. I mean, we sure as hell know many governments don’t trust their own people. As common folk are monitored through social media and also through their cellphones, which is kind of a breach to freedom itself. We give up liberties in order to feel “safer” or so our government says.

Memes, as defined by google:

an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.

Meaning, everyone does the same thing, because that’s what popular culture influences. They don’t know any better. Here in the US kids listen to the same thing, wear the same clothing but, don’t have much of a difference from one another, just the name.


Not only there… it’s the same everywhere… :frowning_face:
And here comes the question: Why??
We all study, get degrees etc… c’mon!! think with your own brain!! It’s there for a reason!! :persevere:


Monopoly, maybe. People need to have a control over other, and society has that, they (people in the power) control us. Some persond for good, others for bad.

Other point could be that we don’t like anything, we don’t want to work, to study, to read, etc. We want everything for free and that everyone are our slaves.


Not agreed on this… Personally, I like to know new things, I’m always feeling I haven’t enough knowledge and so I keep reading, watching documentaries for example etc… If someone ask me to do something I’m always questioning myself with"why I have to do it? And why this way?"
Maybe there are people who was born to be “slaves” and others who were born to be leaders…or neither of them…
And this linked to @the_termin8r 's post, where he talked about idiots etc…


I meant “we” as humans in general, no “we” as us :sweat_smile: I know that not all the world is like this. Many people looks for the knowledge and always are learning new things in a determined area. In my case, I am studying the behavior of the persons. It’s pretty interesting :wink:


Ups… lol :laughing: :see_no_evil:


Yes, questioning indeed is the least of anyone’s concerns as mentioned before. I mean, who reads nowadays? lol. I wouldn’t because my head would hurt, now it’s like a part of me to read more and analyze what the author is interpreting.

But to continue the topic, human behavior is indeed a very interesting topic. Evil does definitely exist in this world, but it is “minuscule” so to speak, in the actions that are more towards greater good. I mean, in times where religion was pushed, many “uncivilized” people would get slaughtered for not following suite. But that lead to “progress” in a way, people would learn language and etiquette. But the downside is, they’re lands would be taken over.

The news here in the US over-emphasizes on said “evil”. It’s a constant pattern of “The outside world is a horrible place, don’t get out your house, you’ll step on a land mine!”.


I’ve been picking up reading lately! It’s relaxing, opening up your mind to new knowledge and perspectives and finishing a book actually feels far more rewarding that I thought.

I highly disagree. I think this is an outdated view that needs to go, because in the end, we can truely only control ourselves. If we want true freedom, we need to stop trying to control others. Live and let live.