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Or maybe live and let die… :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t take it to another extreme, I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about each other :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I know the feeling, you just get deeper into it, and then comes the part of relating to things. I myself have read about 7 books this year lol.

Concerning the control over others, overtime it does indeed corrupt, and well, society degrades. Look at Greek and Roman empires. They escalated pretty high, but everything that goes up, must come down. The “Sacrifice for Greater Good” comes even to the point where the Maya’s and Inca’s believed sacrificing a human for their gods, would be for the benefit of their community of course, and many of the tribesmen wouldn’t question.

I believe evil happens, its magnitude is not to the point that we are led to believe, but do indeed happen. Under the shadows of course.


Sorry this might not be the right place to ask but my account expires in October and I was wondering how to renew my account under the same name I got a responds from @theearlywalker she said to go on to manage membership but I don’t see it on my phone I didn’t try a laptop yet do you know? @jFar920


Unless you’ve switched the feature off, your account should auto-renew. I don’t know how to do it on a phone.


You can do it from mobile too @annejprado- go to
And now some screenshots


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The password in the last screenshot is still visible, I’d replace the screenshot if I were you.


Thanx Rob @the_termin8r :see_no_evil:


Thanks now I have to figure out how to log out with my phone thanks now I see


When the clocks go back, do we experience a 25h day and a 23h day when they go forward?


:thinking: Yes!


I suppose it’s a matter of definition as the planet’s rotation doesn’t slow down or speed up.


Well it’s like that for us people… it doesn’t change the hours of the “real” day, for the reasons you said…


No freaking idea. The concept blows my mind every time. Only thing I do know is that I hate it when it’s already dark at 5 o’clock


I’ve been pondering about the effects of cellphone usage on our health for a long time, and now I came across this:

It’s becoming more and more clear that all of the radiation put out nowadays is harmful to us.


I tolerated exactly 4 mins of this video before I turned it off. This guy clearly has no idea what he’s talking about, reading quotes from various newspaper sites, no digging into data and not providing any substantial or quantitative opinions.

“Jobs doesn’t let his kids use an ipad” - That’s because it’s shit
“Gates limits his kids’ use of tech” - They forgot the other part of that line where it says their tech use is limited to microsoft products only.

Exposing rats to human levels of radiation isn’t going to show you shit. The average size of a rat is about 29cm (between species of rats), the average size of a man is about 172cm (between most countries), of course they’re going to get cancer. It’s like making a rat drink a pint of beer and then being surprised when it gets drunk.

I’m not saying there’s no harm, but the harm is greatly exaggerated, you’ll be long dead before you start to feel the effects of RFR. How long have you been using technology and how many tumours do you have? My guess is none. Then there’s the other thing, people complain about tech being harmful and getting worked up about it while simultaneously doing nothing about it. They complain but don’t seek a solution to the problem.

People who complain like this can’t even begin to comprehend what goes on around them. What are they going to do? Ditch every single piece of tech they own and live like a caveman? Even if they do, they’re still not avoiding it. RFR is fucking everywhere, you’re swimming in the stuff, there’s at least 10 different signals passing through you as you read this. If you could visualise all the signals, your mind would melt. I’m not exaggerating when I say this, it’s a literal ocean of RFR.

Don’t believe me? How many people have access to mobile phones? 5 billion (improper, American billion, the one everyone’s used to) people have access to mobile phones. Let’s also assume that 4 of those 5 billion are rich enough to afford 2 or 3 other devices which use RFR. 4 billion x 3 = 12 billion potential signals all at once. Realistically, it’s a lot less at any given moment. But take into account this, in a crowded city, everyone is using their phones, the phones are sending out RFR signals, those signals are bouncing and reflecting off of a lot of things, then they go to antennas and are amplified and sent around to other places where they also bounce around. Like I said, a literal ocean of RFR that you swim through almost constantly. How many brain tumours do you have again?

If you’re that paranoid about it, wrap yourself in foil, it’ll stop all the RFR while you can still use your tech, or if you don’t want to look a prat, go ask someone to design you custom clothes with an interwoven metal mesh with a mesh gap that is small enough to not let through RFR wavelengths.

EDIT: I should have mentioned this before, when I say ‘you’ I don’t mean you specifically, @rickvanmeijel. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I read @the_termin8r’s comment before starting the video and heard this guy for less than 30secs.
Here are 2 things which may fascinate you and is copied verbatim from the same report the YT guy is menitioning:

  1. Do the rat and mouse findings apply to
    The findings in animals cannot be directly applied
    to humans for two key reasons:
    • The exposure levels and durations were greater
    than what people may receive from cell phones.
    • The rats and mice received RFR across their whole
    bodies, which is different from the more localized
    exposures humans may receive, like from a cell
    phone in their pocket or next to their head.

  2. (Various types of tumor were found in male rats but…) For female rats, and male and female mice, it was unclear, also known as equivocal, whether cancers observed in the studies were associated with exposure to RFR.

I would like to highlight here that while I agree that we should limit our dependence on technology, videos like this serve no purpose.

You can read the summary here:


You both present good arguments, but the point is that this radiation from cellphones actually DOES cause cancer!

It’s no different when you keep this in mind:

There’s an ocean of radiation always around us, so our whole bodies are certainly being affected.

Another thing that’s interesting is the amount of people getting cancer. The last few years it’s blowing up. Then think about the time all of this tech got introduced. It’s only been a few years that we’re experiencing this big amount of cellphones and radiation on the planet. A connection perhaps?


So does radiation from the sun. We’re not going to try and get rid of the sun, are we?


That’s not really a fair comparison is it