The smart questions thread


Lol. In my house we close and lock the bathroom door. Leaving it unlocked (much less open) would undoubtedly result in someone bursting in. Honestly, sometimes when it is locked people still burst through the door.


This happens when I’m in. :joy: But it never happens the other way around. Why? Because the lock has a notch in it on the outside, I’ve learned the positions for locked and unlocked and just look at it when I’m not sure. I’ve told the rest of my family to do it, but they say it’s too complex. lol


Lol. My brother and I share a bathroom and each of our rooms has a door leading to it. The door to my brothers room doesn’t have the best lock on it so it can be fairly easily opened even when it’s locked just by jiggling the handle around a bit.


On the topic of locks, when my sister is brushing her teeth I usually lock her in from the outside because I can twist the bit with the notch with my fingers. :joy:


Something like this? :joy:

Of course instead the grandparents, your parents, Rob.


No, they know exactly what I mean, they just don’t do it. Like when I tell my mum it’s easier to copy and paster with ctrl c and v, but she says it’s too complex and does it with the mouse.


Get it.

And it’s worst when you ask them what is what they don’t understand and their reply is: everything/nothing, and you just want to hit your head against the wall.

Anyway, our only option is be patients.


minus that s I hope :sweat_smile::joy: