The smart questions thread


Well, that is what the Media told the people during those times, but Pearl Harbor happened and it involved Japan and got the ball rolling to the war.

Well, what else would be their incentive, I’m sure even you have heard that during the Bush administration we practically went to war for crude. It all started because Osama was behind the 911 attacks, or we been told. Yet this man was from Saudi Arabia, yet decided to attack Iraq? in what world does that make any sense?

Entertainment has drenched itself in politics for quite a while, Marilyn Monroe with JFK? Ronald Reagan, a former actor, and of course our current sitting POTUS, Trump, who also had his own reality series. Government controls what you see and don’t get to see in general media. We currently even have Kanye West being buddies with Trump. Hollywood has connections to the US government. This is bread and circus, which was used EONS ago and apparently still goes on even after Roman times.

Correct, many people “chose” Trump, but even after 2008’s crash, the US was never able to recover from that crash. It just keeps getting worse, with minimum wage going up (Price of living goes up), and not many having jobs, because many are exported to third world countries for cheap labor. It always seem to be all talk but no action.

Correct, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) accepts or denies any product that they find unfit for human consumption. But either way, as you mentioned, fast food is still out there, which is known to cause health problems, along with Tobacco and alcohol, who btw have more deaths on its name than Marijuana, which is still illegal in many states. Why aren’t these substances banned? How do we acknowledge that those “trained” to do this certain job don’t have their own agenda’s to pull off? More so, our foods have hormones in beef, tofu, meats etc. Fluoride in water etc.

I think the US has been divided even before that. Obama was bombing middle eastern countries and even managed to snag a Noble peace prize. Wouldn’t you consider making promises but never tackling them a form of mind control, to get your way?

What do I think about Trump and people for/against?

Even if there is a influx of more people coming into the country, it just makes the situation worse as mentioned above. They are being lied to by being sold the “American Dream”, but that has gone down the drain quite a while ago. With undocumented getting jobs for lower pay is cheap labor. Less jobs for citizens. But on the other hand if we do build the wall… i seen this before… could possibly keep us locked in from going out.

If we don’t learn from history, we are bound to repeat it. The winners of wars are the ones who control the narrative.

EDIT: I like that this convo can be a back and forth rambling so we can see what we agree on and at what points we feel we need more info.

Though i will add, I have researched on human psyche and states of mind and how they can be influenced through certain aspects. I made this thread because there are many unanswered questions in life. Kind of like we as human beings don’t have a true purpose. But we are born into purpose for the system itself.


True. I feel we can discuss anything without immediately attacking each other haha

Agreed. It’s one politician and president after the other but does it ever get any better? Over here prices and taxes keep going up and up, but what about the wages? Then there’s the economic crisis that has never been fully resolved, only temporarily pushed back. Nearly every market is in a massive bubble right now, it’s only a matter of time until the next economic collapse happens.

Meanwhile the media keeps repeating the same script (at least over here) that it’s all fine and well. “Next year you’ll be much more prosperous”. Yeah right