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Hammurabi knew what was up. “An eye for an eye.” In my opinion, if you intentionally kill another defenseless person, you deserve to die.

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First of all,not every killer is mentally sane…
Second, we are in a so-called civilized world and must teach people how to behave in such situation, not how to became a "beast"like the murderer is…

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The eye for an eye saying is BS, there will be one person with one eye left at the end. :joy:



Lol not in the literal sense :rofl: I just think that if you go around killing then you deserve the same fate. Just the murderers get put down, not everybody.

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Is not being sane an excuse to kill an innocent person though? :thinking: if they are mentally unstable enough to go around killing people then they are a danger to society.

How would we teach these people? Prison often makes these situations worse. And is it really uncivilized to execute the death penalty? It’s like removing weeds from a garden to improve its overall health and beauty.



It’s not an excuse…but that’s no meaning in killing the murderer either in my opinion…

That’s true, but that’s because the system doesn’t work well in my opinion… A murderer with psycho problems should go to a specialized hospital and get a “real” cure for that (if it’s true, not just an excuse advocats find to not go to jail and get a better payment for that…). If the murderer doesn’t have psycho problems (find one who doesn’t…) or killed out of jealousy or whatever, then he/she should has isolation or something more serious than just jail and it should be for all the life, not that they have a reduction due to a “good” behaviour… and then go out and kill again… :expressionless: :angry:

It’s not the same… Every human should learn from the past… even killers…

There were some murderers who really changed after killing, after jail etc, who became different…maybe they’re very few, but still… it’s important that they changed…



Wouldn’t being in an isolation room with no human contact for the rest of your life be worse than death? It’ll probably cause them to go more insane than they already are.

Idk. If someone kills a man, they not only take his life, but they take a huge chunk out of the lives of all his loved ones and friends. Kids may never see their fathers again, wives will never see their husbands, dogs will never see their owners… I don’t think they deserve a second chance for that. Imagine explaining to the families that just lost so much that the murderer of their father/husband/etc was going to be given another chance because someone thought he could possibly change for the better.

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Yeah,maybe… but life is inviolable,untouchable… only God knows when our time comes and we can’t decide to stop one…

Yeah, that’s true and that’s cruel… but laws must be equal and of example… it shouldn’t permit vengeance…

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Reading the convo between @rickvanmeijel and @jrtrussell , I got another question: is it right to legalize drugs? And are right the countries that already did? :thinking:

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I’m in favour of legalising them for the sole purpose of jump-starting natural selection again.



I’m no fan of them and believe it’s right to have them illegal. However, (as a college student I know) people smoke all the time. Law or no law people will abuse them. However, if there was no law people would be running around high all over the place. So maybe it would be best to allow them to be legal but regulated in some way.

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yep imo to… i guess they should be…

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Agreed with you… :thinking: but better not to be legalized…

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Yes and yes. It’s pathetic that we’re not free to decide what substances to consume and what to put into our bodies. Just as I have no right to forbid you from using drugs, the government has no right to forbid it either.

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But it’s not healthy! It’s like seeing somebody getting drunk every day and not say nothing to stop him/her… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



So? People get drunk all the time and yet alcohol has been legal for forever. It’s even heavily promoted and huge brands are making huge profits off it! We have to realise we have no right to decide what others consume. Would you suddenly stop drinking alcohol if I commanded you to do so?



Ah…well… no… :grimacing: I think it depends on the person,the reason of the addiction etc…
Umm… I got your point… and maybe maybe you have some rights… just some… and maybe if drugs are legalized like the alcohol is, there will be not much changes… I mean, the addicted people keep existing as the centers for addicted people, support groups etc…
So… maybe in any case… there aren’t big solutions to solve the problem… :frowning:

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This is what gets me. There are quite a few similarities between drugs and alcohol yet they are treated quite differently. However I think that, if it were to be legalized, they would need to be regulated. This could include an age limit like 21 to purchase it and a more regulated industry to distribute it so that people don’t have to buy it off the streets. Also all the artificial stuff would need to be banned. That stuff is way too dangerous. If it were legalized, it would only count for the natural stuff like marijuana.

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How do you think Nascar started? It was moonshine runners racing thier super-tuned cars that were built to outrun the police while they were smuggling alcohol back when it was illegal.

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Yeah alright, perhaps not for forever but you get my point. Didn’t know about Nascar though

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