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That’s related easy to explain. The human ear capture the sound waves in different way, but a machine doesn’t. When you speak you hear your our voice, but the others hear a tune different.

Wanna know how do others hear you? Put two books next to you ear and say whatever, that’s the voice others hear.


Because 'murica. I’m pretty sure they’re the ones to start this trend. To me, a million million is a billion, and indeed that is the correct definition of a billion, not a thousand million.


@IronSoldier16 Gah, no wonder I never reaslly liked how I sounded in recordings, i would do them over and over again xD. But now I just try to be mistake free lol. Thanks for the answers guys, keep em coming!


Then 3 millions would be?


That’d be three thousand thousand. Or did you mean a million million million?


This. Also the rest of them…


That would be a million billion. As a million million is a billion and then you have a million left over. To get to a trillion you’d need a billion billion I think.


More than less like a one and eighteen zeros to write million million million or how do you write that number?


Pretty much, with every million you add 6 zeros. You only go to the next prefix when both numbers have the same prefix. I.e. Go to a billion when you get to a million million and a trillion when you get to a billion billion and so on…


I guess I got it.

When I reach a trillion trillion I go with quadrillion, right?


Yeah, I think.


:sweat_smile: not sure, off the top of my head I know in the tag you’re it, I’ve said im engineering major but shifted to doing drafting to finish asap then maybe go back to get degree, uhh…I’ve put how I pretty much dropped everything last semester haha ehhh I’ve even posted the website for te company I work for to show some projects and stuff
Like I said the info is up there :stuck_out_tongue: just likely not on threads you enjoy haha
In terms of conversations, I can follow fairly well since I covered the math, physics, Chem, and about half the engr courses for my field

I HATED the difference, it jacked me up at a certain point because I was adamant it was the way I was taught in Spanish lol, I actually think it makes more sense…but I just go with the flow instead of arguing the point :man_shrugging:

Because we’re never satisfied with ourselves lol… jk I’ve been doing a lot of recording lately being an idiot lol It’s…intriguing hearing yourself :joy: it’s one thing you can train yourself to change though so at least there’s that…


I dont know what you write, but I know what you say…


:joy::joy: billjensen :rofl::rofl:


How does the translation from one language to another come about? If no one could understand the language of the other


Well, clearly somebody had the curiosity and decided to learn another language and then made the connections once they knew both. If you held up an apple to a German and asked them what it was and then did the same to a load of people from other countries, you’d have your translation.



But how do you know that “that guy” was talking about the apple and no other thing? For example the color or the texture, etc. (supposing he didn’t have any other thing seemed)


Well if you held an apple to my face and pointed to it, I wouldn’t assume that you’re asking me what the time is or how to run a nuclear program. :joy:


Question related to the first one: if I learn a language, why do I sound like an idiot when speaking it?and why hearing/speaking is more difficult than writing?


Because initially you’re used to the pronunciations and sounds from your mother tongue.

This I don’t know since it’s the opposite way for me with Bulgarian. I can speak it fairly well and can understand it when spoken just fine (unless it’s some rural dialect that verges on being nonsense), but reading and writing is a lot harder for me.

I guess one reason is exposure, I haven’t had to properly read and write in Bulgarian for nearly 16 years, yet I speak at least a few sentences daily. The same probably goes for you, you’re used to reading things on the internet that are mainly in English but you live in Italy where people speak mostly Italian.