The smart questions thread


Umm…yeah, I have never spoken with a mother tongue and so practicing is a lil hard… :frowning: :pensive:

EDIT: referring to English for the ones that didn’t understand… :sweat_smile:


Wait, you don’t speak Italian?


Lol of course I speak Italian… :joy: where do you think I’m living?


So what did you mean by this then?


That I can’t speak with an English mother tongue here and even if I try with tutorials for example it’s not the same cause nobody can say if I’m wrong or right…


I think you’re confusing the definition of mother tongue. A mother tongue is the language you’re ‘born’ into. You grow up with it and it’s usually the first one you learn to speak. For example my mother tongue is Bulgarian because I was born in Bulgaria but my first langauge (in terms of use, not chronologically) is English.


Ah lol ok…than I’ll correct it with “a person who speaks English correctly, fluently and that use it every day” :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:


Again, killing your accent and how fluently you speak it it down to exposure. I used to have an accent and now I don’t apparently.


Then the solution would be going to live where the only speaking language is English (for example)… :sweat_smile:


Essentially. Either that, or surrounding yourself with English speakers.


That’s why I said color, texture, etc :rofl:

Hearing: understand a sound is hard, more if you don’t decode it, I mean, the sound of the “th” is an equivalent of a “d” or “z” for me. Your brain is trying to understand that new sound and reproduce it.

Speaking: if you can’t hear well the sound and decode it clearly you won’t be able to speak it well.

Writing: as you can read without speaking it, it’s more easy for the brain understand it, even if there were words you don’t know, for the context you over-read them and understand then as well.

It happens to me a lot of times, I don’t understand many words you guys use, but for the context I know what you are talking about.


This. My parents still can’t pronounce it. Age probably plays into it as well. They’ve been here as long as me and still have thick accents and their grammar is a little off occasionally and I’m often the spelling and grammar checker for emails.


That means if you don’t born in a place or at least live there since you’re a little kid it would be almost impossible to speak that language really correctly and without a weird accent… :confused:


Accents take time to ditch.


Talking about that, and this is more phycologic, that “problem” could have been because of a bad learning process. I’ll explain it:

When you are learning sums (1+1=2) and the people around you don’t attention to what you are doing and you say 1+1=3 you grow with that idea.

Other example:
When you are learning Spanish (or any other language) and you say "la carro está azul (the car is blue) and your parents/teachers tell you: No, the correct sentence is “El carro es azul” (the car is blue) then you learn how to speak it and how to write it, BUT if no one pays attention you will grow up thinking that that’s is the correct way to say it.


no necessarily, there are people that travel to another country for a few months and when they come back, they speak with the accent of that country.


Not sure which thread this question belongs in (here or the other one). Why do people spend obscene amounts of money on designer clothes and bags.? I’m talking about backpacks that cost £6K+.


Yeah!!that’s my question too! Just because there a brand tag doesn’t mean is good quality and it shouldn’t cost so much! :anger:


I know one of the reasons is as a status symbol, but I want to know if it’s something more.

Also if I’m being charged £6K for a bag, it better be made by Wenger and it better be able to cure cancer and survive repeated nuclear carpet-bombing runs.


I see it as a psycologic thing. People tends to have more and more because they believe the others will love them, and when it’s about something “unique” they don’t care the price, they buy it anyway. It’s like looking for affect in order of the things you have.