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This. On top of that, it’s mostly the way these brands are marketed that causes them to be popular. Marketing agencies know exactly how to push these brands and how to ‘‘trigger’’ their target audience. They often use the Cialdini principles, which explain ways how to manipulate and exploit human traits. It’s too much to explain in one post, so if you wanna learn more, check this out:

When you understand this, you’ll recognise the tacticts they use everywhere. There’s also a high chance you’ll become immune to them as well :smile:


I’m immune to a lot of marketing already.


Luckily me too :smile: I’ve never been sensitive to what’s popular in general


@lpfan61 As for the language barriers, I myself know mainly broken Spanish lol. I thrived on English cuz I was taught it since I was in school. Spanish, my parents taught me it, but it lingers in “broken” because they themselves don’t use the proper terms. My ex was from Venezuela and she would correct me quite a bit when i would use wrong terms. But yes the accent takes time to let go of, because as mentioned, your native language would use different syllables and such, not common to any other language.

Yes of course, it is brainwashing at the simplest of levels so to speak. I mean McDonald’s and Burger King know these tactics very well. Like for example, the colors red and yellow tend to trigger hunger so… guess what colors these big fast food franchises use? :stuck_out_tongue:

Me, being a retired LP collector, know very well the full extent of “I gotta have it”, I had over 600+ items in my collection as I told @rickvanmeijel, but it got the point of me eventually losing interest because I went on a “psychological” journey, so to speak. I gave those ways up as it was kind of “materialistic” to me, I invested that money in land instead. Though I do hold a couple of mementos from the band.

I think this question would go along with what we are trying to explain ehre:

Why do people listen to Mainstream music?


After a certain age, it’s difficult to learn a new language because of two things: the brain cannot make the same connections it did when it was younger and second, your motor skills have sort of been practiced a lot for the language you usually speak. Also, grammar and spelling become difficult because letters sometimes have a different sound in different languages. And your brain cannot make those new connections


Because it gets in your head after listening to radio for a long time. Notice how almost every major radio station always plays the exact same songs over and over again. It’s nothing but repetition until you actually start to enjoy it. I even notice this happening to myself sometimes.

Watch the video below and ask yourself: how independent is the mainstream media?


I’m violently allergic to mainstream music. When I get a car, I’m ripping out the radio and using the spot for something more useful. :joy:


I guess this would go well with the above video:

And yes, repetition is the best form to remember facts, or so-called facts.

But I thought you guys enjoyed the lyrical composition of 6ix9ine xD :joy:

Such is masterpiece /s


Pretty easy. That music is simple and basically the same. You don’t need to pay attention to enjoy it, and in this world where everyone run all the time, they need something to listen to that doesn’t take much time to enjoy it.

In YouTube there a channel that talks about music. Just search for Jaime Altozano (is in Spanish) and he explains the music easily.


Yes, our minds are constantly multitasking so to speak, but then that would make it the instrumental portion that is “catchy” so to speak, that would make the lyrics non-existent. Hence I guess the state of current mainstream music. I like lyrics more than sound xD.

Here’s another question?

What are dreams?

(PS: The more you guys answer, the more I will recommend books and such concerning these matters)


:thinking: Dreams are what our brain imagines when we want/like something…


Correct, our dreams harness our unconscious thoughts. In psychological terms, most things happening to us during our dream state tend to be illogical and also De ja vu monuments. Carl Jung explains this very well in “The Red Book”, that took nearly 100 just to be published! Carl Jung looked “way” beyond the logical and dipped his toes in the water, so to speak, to figure out that the illogical ties in with the illogical, as both co-exist within each other to become one. Same concept of oneness such as Dark/Light, Cold/Hot, Evil/Good etc. It’s all a lesson an experience so to speak.

A book I am currently reading called “No Boundary” by Ken Wilber mentions Jung. It ties in many things well, and well, you can even make the connection now Sanity ties in with Insanity, they are one source. Sanity is basically made up ideals/concepts/archetypes designed by the human to explain things, as their conscious thrives on giving definitions.

But to what point does all the information/definitions given not become corrupted over time?


Question to question: and how could I know they’re corrupted?


That is a great question, look at older texts and how they have been interpreted overtime, through language, I mean during translation also, something must be lost? Or even to the point where certain “important” figures manipulate the wording to their will. KJV

Which brings the question, why wouldn’t they be? They are being changed even day by day to some extent. Just look at the laws (Rules) that are changed day by day, by law makers, who are also other humans.

There is a quote that is almost on the lines of “History lies in the hands of the victors, they get to tell their side of the story”. and also one of my favorites “Absolute power, corrupts absolutely”. Definitions include symbols among them. To the point definition as mentioned, is brought by those in control, they give the definition and whitelist anything that does not benefit society and culture. Has anyone ever read Brave New World?


Yeah, I know it’s for that we have the actual society and system… but not all the rules are good and not all the good rules are followed… :confused:

Example: laws in my country say you can’t pay to obtain something,because corruption is a crime. Q: how many do that and end in jail?? So why is there a law like that and then it applies only for certain people?? (1 example over millions…)

Answer to previos example-question and again “WHY”??

I didn’t read that book… maybe I’ll try search for it…
Also I know I have more questions than answers… :sweat_smile:


Exactly, these biases exist because there is indeed a separation between the “law makers” and the ones that are meant to follow said law. Laws are made to govern people, but people themselves don’t realize that they can be freed from the chains of mental slavery and profit, if they refuse to play. Everyone has the free will to live how they please, not by how one entity pleases. But, I believe people would not know what to do with this “freedom” and the cycle will begin again. (Which I believe it has many times in the past)

The thing that just influences a evil nature is, as mentioned, freedom. But at the same time the slavery also produces evil. As that is in human nature, we have recognize it as such because it has been given such term by our conscious. With the example of the Lion I gave beforehand, you can also see the correlation of how it affects us “conscious” thinkers (humans). Evil/Good intertwine, one cannot exist without the other, of course, this goes into a much deeper topic, of being one. It’s all in the mind really. It is an experience as a whole, but leads back to the one source.

I am GLAD you have more questions than answers lol, This just leads to more and more research, and understanding the depth of “life” itself is an amazing experience. Though it will get to the point of things you wouldn’t believe, this is where Mr. Jung comes in.

“As above, so below
I wonder if they realize it’s all a show?”


Very nice to read your answers! :blush:
And very nice quote!

My next question is: what is happiness? And is it connected with dreams? (Oh they’re 2 actually… :sweat_smile: )


This was the first thing that came to mind today when I woke up. Weirdly, you asked it. Here is a good article I found.


I think it is a mental state. When you feel fulfilled and content. There may be a medical/psychological definition, but to me it is more of your inner joy.
It is not connected to dreams, but rather it is the other way round. If you are happy, you may have good dreams. When you are stressed, nightmares occur. The above link explains this. Read it, you may like it.


Great minds think alike lol. But well there are instances where sometimes things that you have thought/dream up, show up the next day, for instance, what you just mentioned about dreams.