The smart questions thread


Agreed. That’s probably the reason we experience dejavu. Also, this point too is covered in the article. :sunglasses: The most interesting thing that I learnt about dreams was that we never know from where the dream starts. We simply are in the middle of the it. Where did I learn this? Inception.

Now my philosophical question: are humans essentially good? I mean are they good but commit evil when pushed or do they hide behind the mask of good all the time waiting to show their evil self?


Maybe a little bit of both, maybe its in their psyche just dormant, maybe its in their blood. I have gone above and beyond this actually. Though it involves many things (Some involved with what I mentioned above), there are also many “theories” that point to it being true. Though I won’t bring any of that into here as it is a tad bit controversial and would like other people to come to their conclusions.

But I will give a little insight, there are 2 different RH blood types here on Earth, + and -, the negative being “different” as the source for it is unknown, though the difference is that RH- are missing the “monkey” protein which is found for the RH+. This all ties in to quite some things. O- tend to be the universal donor of blood, as they can donate to ANY BLOOD TYPE, funny thing is… I am one.


Are you high? :yum:


Technically, it’s impossible to multitask from what I understand. It’s a matter of your brain being able to switch between focusing on tasks really quickly, akin to a clock frequency on a computer.


Oh no, not at the moment. Its the insanity that has taken over me to let me see most of these things lol.

But on a clearer note, there are still many mysteries on this planet that one cannot truly confirm and answer. Like one question i will ask for example:

How were the pyramids built in Egypt?


Yes this is true, this is what i meant lol. Some master the technique better than others, but we are being inundated with many things at a time, (Music, reading, phone games, etc.) that sometimes it takes a toll with stress, anxiety, worries, etc. Our minds are constantly working, especially those of the west, better yet, constantly being distracted.


With slaves and their muscles, using sand to reach the high places where let flow the marble blocks… something like that…


No no no get out now, get this outta my face, kill it, KILL IT WITH FIRE!!


By stacking blocks of rock on top of each other, starting with a wide base and finishing at an apex.

As for a serious answer, I’d say by humans with a f*ck ton of elbow grease, the whole ‘aliens did it’ angle is BS to me.


True, but such a HUGE structure to bury kings/queens? Seems a bit odd to me, cuz even then I’m sure they would know their material riches wouldn’t join them in the afterlife? xD


They believed that the Pharaoh was a God and that all the jewels,gold etc was needed on the other side…
That the king is God was resumed in France in late 1600 and 1700… you all know the Revolution…


Keep in mind that people still think that tiger bone dust will make you immortal and that Red Bull gives you wings. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for reminding me! :see_no_evil:


I wonder how much birds have to spend on Redbull once their babies are born. Or maybe they start while they are pregnant? Also, what did the birds do before 1987? So many questions.


Actually birds have always utilized Red Bull to fly. It’s in their blood. It was only in 1987 that Johnny “Red Bull” Jones discovered this liquid and it’s magical properties and began selling it for profit.


So it is kind of like honey? And we are Winnie the pooh?


A mental state, a good feeling provoked for a good experience.

For me no. It could suggestioned your dreams, but it is not neccesary.

To me…

But… Hey!! This is more interesting that it seeems, I mean, there is always several factors we must have in mind when we talk about this. I see two principal things there:

  1. Our own perception of the life and behavior.
  2. The external things and how they affect us.

Q: Why people fall in love with people “out of their range”?
i. e. : A man of 37 falls in love with a teen of 17; a woman of 58 with a boy of 21.

Where the legal matter left?
Why does people still thinking that if you are 35 y. o. you have to find someone of your age?
Can love really exists in that type of relationships or it’s just for a personal interest?


I think deep down we are. Distorted beliefs, ignorance and the ego are factors that lead us to do evil things, things we wouldn’t do if we would be living in harmony with nature and its laws. I think deep down we all just wanna live and let live.


Deep down humans are selfish entities concerned with nothing but self preservation. We build societies to try and escape it and lie to ourselves, but our animalistic survival instincts always kick in at the end.


I see this view of humans all the time, but I don’t buy it. Selfishness is not a natural state, not for beings with the consciousness to differ between right and wrong.

Also, don’t forget we are essentially programmable. It’s all about the input that decides the output, just like a computer. Feed us unhealthy manufactured foods, lies and false beliefs, and the outcome will be worthless and destructive. The opposite is also true (quality input)!