The smart questions thread


I meant selfishness on a more primal level.


Agreed with @the_termin8r and adding that our selfishness came from the fact we want/have to preserve the human species…hence we protect our children in every possible manner…
Well that as a primary level like Rob said…


Going further, if the danger is really real, there’s the very real chance that you’ll abandon your child to save yourself.


:thinking: I think I have to be in a very dangerous situation to reply to you on that…because I really don’t know what would be my reaction…


Exactly. Scientists did a pretty cruel experiment with monkeys. Where they got mothers with their monkeys and then raised the temp of the floor. Initially the the mums picked up their little ones but when it got too hot to bear, they stood on their kids to save themselves.


But that’s monkeys. You can’t compare an animal reaction to a human reaction, we have a far more advanced consciousness than they do.


Aheeaam… you sure?? Some animals are far more intelligent than human being… :sweat_smile:

Jokes aside…Like I said before…I have to be in the situation to know my reaction…I’m not a supehero nor I’m in a movie so I can’t know what would happen… I can’t be sure I would sacrifice myself to save another whoever is…


The human being to me is a creature who has pretty much gained the smarts to build civilizations and societies under the guise of rulers. I don’t think we would have gone as far without pushing for so much that has changed for thousands of years from fire to the iphone, etc.

We are as far away from the animal state now, as we have been civilized, or so they say. But all that really means is to be competent in a flourishing world that we live in, where our safety is traded for freedom, even from wild animals. Though at this level, the conditioned being notices the dual nature that is this world, but does not realize that they are connected in order to give way to this sort of “lesson”, that is life on the big stage.

As mentioned earlier, animals are different to us, but have smarts for their survival. They don’t know the difference between good and bad when they hunt and such. They just do it to thrive and live.

There was an experiment with mice back in the 60’s, which thrived for some time, until other factors were established. Kind of reminds me of our situation now. But more to the end, they end up becoming cannibalistic after reaching a point of being too comfotable.


Yes. The most important difference that makes us more intelligent is our ability to reason and choose right actions over wrong actions. Animals can’t do that, like @Woco21 stated. They don’t care about morality because they don’t have the ability to think like us.

And yes, I understand animals are more advanced in some ways, like an eagle with far better sight. Still all it does is hunt for survival.


You mean like the ones that build planes and computers, walked on the moon and are responsible for the extinction of various others?


Don’t get me wrong on this argument…

Example: it’s known that dolphins use to save a human being if they see him/her in danger… Now for the primary instict we mentioned before they should let him/her at whatever destiny because it doesn’t concern their species, but they save the person and that person could not be thankful to them, could harm them or could have done that before… Q: Why? A by me: they recognize the danger and don’t care about their own state of danger, they save a different being because they understand somehow that every being deserves to live… Their intelligence and conscience say how to react in that situation…

Q2: Aren’t they capable to recognize the right and wrong?

Q3: If a dolphin is hunted by a shark or another human, how many people would care about it? How many would put themselves in danger to save it? (animal associations apart)

Example2: As some of you knew, some weeks ago I found a baby bird and try to save it, but didn’t manage to… or maybe I didn’t do all the possible things to save it?? Maybe someone else would have done 2 hours by car to bring it to the right place to be saved, while I thought it didn’t “deserve” that… so I made a choice knowing what could happen, was I cruel?At that point wouldn’t it be better to let the baby bird at its destiny and nature laws??


I’m not saying animals are not intelligent, I’m saying there isn’t a single animal out there that is more intelligent than a human.


Yeah, I got it, I just felt like saying that…


I’ve got a question I’ve been meaing to ask for a while.

Why do people get offended at almost everything and why are there those that seek sources of offence?


Good one. I think these people have the lowest self esteem and easily feel like being attacked. Or maybe it’s a control issue? Trying to control everything in the world outside so no one or nothing will be able to ‘‘offend’’ them. Either way, these people are pathetic and should get a life :joy:


I’ve been thinking a bit about this after I posted it, I think it might have something to do with attention seeking too.


That could very well be the case as well! Didn’t receive enough attention from their parents, thus they start seeking it from others


This actually came up on my yt a moment ago. I suspect it was because of those vids I posted in the humour thread.


The funny thing about this: the only thing that really separates us from animals is language. Our ability to pass on information to each other is what makes us more intelligent. Animals have ‘language’ but it’s not as advanced as ours. They have ‘words’ but simplistic ones and without structure.

If we didn’t have history or the ability to communicate what we thought was bad, for the most part, I don’t think we would have morals either. For example: wars, oppression etc. We have come a long way


I believe this is has a deep answer: It involves the biases of the world itself. You see, we as perspective users of morality, try to give a definition through these means, but at the same time there are others who have picked up the memes of different ideologies, and so the problems start. Whether is be religion, politics, movements, language barriers, etc. They were all brought up by someone and picked up by the said entity thus molding “their” very own idea of truth. Hence, when someone opposes said personal truth, they attack these people because it breaks down their reality. The world is full of these contradictory memes as you can see I have been mentioning before, it goes very deep but of course, this is just one of the very first layers that are being peeled of that “onion”, the real “issues” that make you “cry” lie once you start peeling it more, metaphorically speaking of course. This MGS2 video that I posted in my other I think would summarize it well.