The songs you want to hear when performed live?


Not all the songs performed live by LP … what song has never been performed live you want to hear? I prefer to see their live performances on video youtube, and I hope to buy a ticket and see their concert in my country…:blush::slight_smile::joy:


Of those never performed live: roads untraveled.
And I’d like to hear In Between more often, they played it very rarely. And Easier to Run.
I prefer the live recordings too.


Oh… I also really like the song In Between… I like the sound of Mike in that song… That I know they’ve brought live around 2007


There are just too many songs… lets start with the songs off of THP. I still don’t understand why they haven’t played KTTK and All For Nothing live, especially since they rehearsed KTTK. Mark The Graves would make a badass live song as well.
I’ll Be Gone, Roads Untraveled (maybe in a new medley thingie, not in its entirety), Powerless, No Roads Left (I know it’s hard for Mike to sing it live but I believe his voice has grown so much and I’ll love it to see it perform in full) would be nice too.

I want to see Somewhere I Belong and No More Sorrow back on the setlist. Killer live songs, same goes for Little Things.


Roads Untraveled, Powerless and all of those never performed THP songs, especially KTTK and MTG.
I also want them to bring back: NMS, UIG, APFMH, BITS, IMR, maybe even TLTGYA. There are chances to see NMS and APFMH in future, but the rest of songs mentioned by me…probably not :expressionless:


I also want to see In My Remains (again), All for Nothing, Rebellion (again), Valentine’s Day, I’ll Be Gone, Robot Boy (full version), Lies Greed Misery, Skin To Bone, Pewerless, Not Alone, A Light That Never Comes, and Darker Than Blood (full version)…


In this moment, I wanna hear Rebellion, Keys To the Kingdom :slight_smile:


Until it´s gone and A Line in the Sand for me. Roads untravelled would be great too. And APFMH. :relaxed:


Reading My Eyes would be epic too if they added it back in the set.


I wish that they World bring “November More Sorrow” back and I also wish the would play “Roads Untraveled” , “all for nothing” and the complet version of “Papercut” live.


Easier to run


Numb, Crawling, Pushing Me away, Easier to run, One step closer, Forgotten, Roads Untravel, Somewhere I belong, In the end, In pieces, Papercut, Iridiscent, With you… Every single one :scream:


I really want all the songs, lots of them they stopped playing In My Remains, In Pieces, I’ll Be Gone, and why never played Roads Untraveled?! Maybe some of the demos can be played, only choose what they can do live, I will be happy to see them giving us that side of them we get to find about each year::smiley:


Roads untravelled


Nobody’s Listening (Full)


I honestly don’t care. As long as I get to see Linkin Park live, I’m happy.


Yess i think all of their song…love much them…but still hope they can performe again in Indonesia…im waiting for this…


pse pse come to Indonesia guys…


Me too… I want to see their concert in Indonesia…