The special digital gift?


Hey everyone

Have any of you got the special digital gift?

It says on the frontpage “For the first 13 days everyone who joins or renews will receive a special digital gift. (Offer valid until November 30th at 11:59pm PST)”


I have not yet received any…


Nope, still patiently waiting to find out what it could be.


I am also waiting for it !


I’m greatly disappointed in the “gift”. A download of a song that came out for free to everyone before LPU13 even came out and that is on the CD already and a wallpaper that is just the LPU13 logo on a white background


I agree. I don’t want to be ungrateful. But I don’t understand the motiv of LPUHQ to offer a song as a special gift, that is downloadable for everyone for free already. I mean: It’s not necessary to give us a bonus in case we renew our membership within 13 days. Nobody demands that. Everything is fine without that. But if LPUHQ want’s to offer this, what is very nice by the way, than the special gift has to be special.


I am also disappointed… it is not special…


Being as it may, I am sure no one signed up just for this, so look at it as a speck of icing on top of the cake.


Have I known the “special” Digital Gift, I wouldn’t have rushed my LPU13 renewal…


I know I didn’t join just for it, and I don’t care that much, but more effort could have been put into it. The wallpaper is literally just the logo. If the wallpaper would have been even the log-in page background, or something with more detail, or something we couldn’t make ourselves, I’d like it more. Look at all those past computer wallpapers I posted last week, none of them were something you could make from pasting various website elements


Does anyone know when the all in one sets are being dispatched? Sure it said start of December? :S


The shipping started last week so hang in there.


The shipping started last week so hang in there.

Cheers mate


Very disappointed. And why it’s called special digital gift? For a song that we just have and a useless wallpaper?


What WAS the digital gift, anyway? From the sounds of it, it was something from Recharged?


Primo mp3 and lame mobile wallpaper :smiley: