The status of my Linkin Park store order is Suspected Fraud.What does it mean?


I just placed an order in Linkin Park store,but when I finished the order I found the status of my order is Suspected Fraud.The money of those items was charged from my card.What does it mean?And what should I do?I don’t want to lose my moneny.Please help me.Thanks.


Same thread here, it should answer all your questions.


I placed an order a few days ago.The status was Suspected Fraud,I contact to them and they said the billing address doesn’t match the card.They cancelled my order.I placed an oder yesterday and I am sure that the billing address is right.But the status is still Suspected Fraud.I don’t know what is wrong.I have written an e-mail to them,but they haven’t replied to me.


Funny to cancel an order cause billing and shipping adresses don’t match. Still, don’t expect anything, it is the weekend, they’re closed.


I wrote an e-mail to them.They said there was an error on their end.And my order is now listed as processing.Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: