The stupid question thread


To be honest, some people are just intimidated by me when they see me coming the other way. I’ve had people cross the road because of me. LMAO :joy:


What’s the point in wearing snow boots when it’s 35 Celsius out?


Don’t forget sunglasses in the dark, shorts in winter, etc. :joy:


I’m that guy. :joy:


I’m actually that snob who wears sunglasses indoors. Not always, but yeah. :sunglasses:


Mum always roasts me when I walk with sunglasses when it’s raining​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sunglasses in the rain help to prevent runny eye-make up. Because I don’t always feel like walking around like a raccoon :smiley:


I do it only to observe people’s attitude on the road so that they don’t see but she doesn’t understands that


Sunglasses are indeed a great way of observing people without them seeing that you’re observing. :smiley:
They’re also great to hide that you’re hungover or the deep dark bags under the eyes due to constant lack of sleep :smiley:


Or even when you’ve just been crying
At school I’m the only one wearing sunglasses
1 to observe people
2 to protect myself from this tropical sun and I’m way sensitive to too much light
3 if ever I’ve cried then no one will see it


I wear transition glasses :v: problem solved… :laughing: :joy:


Are people who live around Wank called wankers? Heuheuheu, sorry, I had to. :joy: :joy: :joy:


I guess? Hahaahah





Why are sheep so inherently stupid?



What would happen if you brushed your teeth with soap? :joy:


This reminds me of parents telling kids how they got to eat soap as punishment when they were kids.


What? I’m pretty sure that’s considered abuse on account of soap having some level of toxicity if ingested, especially the older stuff.


Nobody actually did that… Right?:joy: