The stupid question thread


It might be something done this side of the pond :joy::sweat_smile:
It definitely IS done :roll_eyes::grimacing:
I got pretty decent punishments at times :confused:


Lmao, I’m pretty sure when our parents were kids, they didn’t have all these rules about “abuse” and other things. I know I got whipped and punished as a kid, and obviously it didn’t kill me :stuck_out_tongue: kids today have it so easy honestly. A lot of kids today need to be punished actually, that’s the problem with them in today’s time, if their parents knew how to actually discipline their kids, maybe they wouldn’t be out doing whatever they please. Not to mention that being punished actually teaches you things if you let it.


Or you could just be raised well and have discipline, besides, in my case punishments didn’t do jackshit. The bigger the punishent, the bigger my retaliation, my parents eventually gave up with punishments. I like to think I was a fairly well disciplined kid. Mischievous, yes, but I knew how to behave myself. Making a kid drink soap is kind of bullshit though, a waste of perfctly good soap. If you want to do damage, make them drink something worse. A simple case of “if you’re going to do it, do it properly, or don’t do it at all.”


Wholeheartedly agree but with both of you I suppose because it sounds like we’re saying the same thing, nowadays little jimmy gets a time out as “punishment”
If he’s going to get punishment then it ought to be something legitimate like the old school punishments
I tell my younger bros all the time how easy they have it compared to when it was just me-parents had the energy to set me right back then :joy:


The funny thing is that I only started getting in trouble when my sister was born. Whenever she wasn’t around, I’d be near perfect.


Then you have others on the rare chance that it may be that go to far

But I agree the soap pushiment I never got it was normally like hot sauce or something else hot

But I never really got pushmient i was a good kid for the most part


The hot sauce thing would never work on me since I love hot sauce. I’ve actually been in trouble for going into the fridge just to eat the hot sauce. :joy:


Well, i have a stupid question… What the hell is ASMR and why do people love the hear the sound of other people chewing???


No idea, just had to look it up. Thought it was something computer related.

That sound is in my top 3 worst sounds. Nothing will beat the sound of a vacuum cleaner though.


last night i watched a video by a portuguese youtuber that explained what ASMR. basically is a new trend that people just do low sounds near the microphone. and one of the sounds was chewing food. just awful :joy::joy: :joy:


it really grinds my gears


I stay the hell away from cancerous fads like this.


Why eat food?


How else do you expect to get your energy?


cant energy drinks do that?


if my knees bent the other way around I might walk backwards so I’d feel normal…hhhh… laying down would be strange with my knees going in the air… don’t ya think


And sleeping


Energy drinks give you a temporary boost (if you’re lucky) with sugar and chemicals and then you crash hard. They’re mostly chemicals and not good for you. Energy drinks don’t do anything to me, I’ve drank 1.5L in the space of a few hours and nothing happened to me.


And 5 hour energy?


That’s a different type of recharge.

I don’t follow


coffee does it for me…