The stupid question thread


@the_termin8r from where on the earth did you got the idea of making this thread? :joy: But i loved it. Literally! :smiley::smiley:
There are thousands of questions can be made! :smile:
Interesting thread! :clap: lol

Yeah ! Like rabbit! (Oh sry. Intheend would kill me lol :roll_eyes::joy::joy:)


Okay so my question. What if cucumber started speaking?! :joy: Is he gonna tell about that mike’s cucumber pic?


Ummm…people would think they’ve gone insane. It would probably tell you not to eat it.


That reminds me of your avatar picture… :joy: see the face of the donut : :scream:


What was the first person who milked a cow thinking?


I don’t know really… It just felt right in the moment


I had the same question this morning!!! :slight_smile:


Yep it does! :joy::joy:

No idea. Probably would be thinking if he can drink it…?


So you know the first person was a male!?!
Stupid question: how do you know something like this? :joy:


Nah. I just typed whatever popped in my mind… Looool! :joy::joy::joy:
Maybe… who knows :rofl: .


the real question is



Well, he observed the calf and got curious.

“Everything is filthy to a dirty mind.” --amitrish


My question that I’ve wondered for forever is and first time joining in, usually just read the threads…
What’s the Shinoda and ketchup story??


lol! It’s a reference to his line in When They Come For Me: ‘‘try to catch up motherfucker!’’

This line was probably misheard as ‘‘try the ketchup motherfucker’’

The rest is history.


As Rick said, the line “Try to catch up motherfucker” keeps getting misheard as “try the ketchup.” Then there was that time that Chester paid for yummy steaks and Mike creeped hard on them pastas. :joy:


And then there’s Jesus knows things, but we don’t talk about that one


To be honest, sometimes I really wonder how some people can be utterly stupid. Especially when it comes to common sense.


That one’s not LP, I’m not sure anyone other than you and me knows. :joy:

Not a fan of this thread I see :joy:. This is where we come to be idiots occasionally.


Lol, finally!!! Thank you!!! :joy:


Why do people walk and text at the same time.?


Not really a stupid question but because they are knobs. I understand if it’s something important but I know that’s not what you mean.