The stupid question thread


It’s obvious. Natural weapon.b6d062d1ffb12791025c3108381de27c04a08bb3_440


This thread reminds me of our usual stupid question (me and mu husband): And where?
No matter what the answer is or what was said before, you ask: And where? And when they try to explain, you repeat :laughing:


Why is it called a Pair of Trousers/Jeans/Pants/Shorts but not a Pair of Shirts/Tops etc etc


That I don’t know. I would’ve assumed because trousers have 2 legs but shirts have 2 sleeves so it doesn’t make sense.



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::clap: Perfect one!!

Why isn’t there just one language in this world!? Lol… :sweat_smile:


It reminds me the other great question “I lost my keys” “where???”


Depends on the language I guess… In greek is singular :slight_smile:


And where?? :laughing:


Why aren’t blueberries blue? :joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: they are purple here!


They are blue. Are you sure you mean blueberries?


Who named the fruit grapefruit when grape is already a fruit?


Why there seeds on top of the strawberries?


I mean the colour of them…


They aren’t deep purple? :stuck_out_tongue:


Because seeds don’t like hiding inside the fruit…


Why is Hulk green?No seriously couldn’t he be of any other color?


I guess they wanted to make him look distinct.

This is the part where a Marvel fanboy rushes in and tells me what an idiot I am and proceeds to give some highly convoluted story of how in comic X this happened and in comic Y he turned green and that I’m a simpleton for not knowing. :joy:


*puts nerd glasses on
Uhhmmm, actually…