The stupid question thread


I knew reading all these weird stuff would make sense someday!!!


Yeah, I remembered a bunch of questions flying in my brains. These do not have answers,I guess.

I’m wondering, how the world would look like if:
-nazis won the 2WW
-there were no world wars
-ussr never existed
-church and religion never existed
-we wouldn’t need to sleep


These are very interesting… :thinking:

Maybe we wouldn’t be here with freedom to share our ideas… :neutral_face:

Maybe(2) we wouldn’t discover many technologies and we wouldn’t learn from past mistakes… :thinking:

Uum…this don’t know an answer… :see_no_evil:

Maybe(3) there would be less superstitions…but less tolerance too…(even if there are many cases of intolerance as well in our world…)

Would be awesome to be "operational"all day… :crazy_face:


Why do the Pomegranate seeds make your hands red ?


There won’t be great histiry of catholics and protestant. + Aye! One section would be less i our history text! :joy: We had that last yr!

I love to sleep lol. But yeah, on one side i could be able to make more Creations :smile:

Because the juice inside is red. The brust and then make your hands red :slightly_smiling_face:


Why am I suddenly out of stupid questions? :joy: I know it’s an oxymoron.


Is a person who knows that they are stupid really actually stupid?


Why do people see that u have your favorite band t shirt on .and they ask u so u like that band?


:joy::joy::joy::joy: lool!
I don’t know. I guess they ask for confirmation!! :stuck_out_tongue:


No they’re not stupid, as this proves they can think for themselves and realise what they are :smile:


It’s not stupid at all. Go and ask all those girls wearing Nirvana and Ramones tees if they actually know who they are. They don’t, it’s just a “brand” or “cool” thing to them.


Same with the “hard rock cafe” shirts


'cuz of this!

Just proving @evooba’s point.


This question has been annoying me for a while now.

Why are high paid/professional chefs so intolerably pretentious?

Like if a steak is half a shade darker than it should be they’d throw a fit like a 4 year old or if the decorative gravy has been drizzled 2mm to the left of where it should have been they’ll have a heart attack and you’ll be thrown in jail for involuntary murder.



My English teacher doesn’t knows English! How can she become a teacher! Her language is horrible. Any American would die listening to her…lol…


My fav GR meme is probably this one:



Why do people ask you do you work here when they see Wearing your Uniform?


“Are you left handed?” they ask, as I write in front of them with my left hand. :man_facepalming:


Hahaha :joy: :joy:
Yep, I hate it too :roll_eyes: