The stupid question thread


A fellow lefty? When I see one I never bring it up because I know how annoying it is :joy: I wonder how right handed people would like it if we started asking them.


It could be fun :grinning:
Or when someone asks you if you’re left handed while writing and you answer that you’re not :joy:

Chester was one… It made me happy when I found it out :heart:


Is anyone on here younger than me


My dad is left handed


A lot of awesome people are left handed. Just look up some lists. And then we have Bieber to ruin it all :expressionless:


Start doing it. New flash mob. Lol.


I was considering it :joy:


I know this! :joy::joy::joy:

Literally!! :joy::joy::joy: What a brain!

Yea! :joy::joy::laughing::laughing:


Lol! Reminds me of this video

I couldn’t find the original, so this is a reaction video to it


Has anyone (I mean in general, not just on here) ever BBQ’d a sandwich before?


Are you seriously asking or is that the stupid question? Lol
Bbqd the contents, toasted the buns but not the whole thing lol


If I had this question seriously it would never see the light of day and I’d throw myself off a bridge :joy:

I meant like just made a whole sandwich and dumped it on the bbq. The question came to me when I was having a grilled sandwich for breakfast this morning. The grill I use is the dual hot plate type though.


Lol ah but now we are getting technical
That two plate grill makes a sandwich a panini so technically it’s not bbqd :stuck_out_tongue:


No, I mean me making a sandwich in that type of grill made me wonder if anyone had tried the same but on a bbq (obviously they’d have to flip it).


:thinking: I’d bet money on someone having tried deep frying it lol the fair here has horrible abominations like that
Deep fried everything including insects lol
Entertaining question though-I’m very bored at work right now lol


LOL, I think that with the bbq option, the bread would burn and the filling will be raw. As for deep frying I have no clue. I’d assume the bread will just get soggy with oil.


I can imagine it maybe holding up at least to hear the whole sandwich, I mean buns on the grill can hold up quite a bit without burning…or or purposefully burning the outer crust then peeling it off once it’s done cooking that way you’re left with the rest haha
Yeah I tried a Fried Twinkie before lol too much oil-the weirdest to me has been fried watermelon

My dumbass will get home and put a sandwich on the grill tonight lol


Keep me posted :joy:


I did a kind of. Just roasted a sandwich over the hot coals. There was some ham between bread slices. It was more shashlik though, on a skewer.


@framos1792 Any luck with yours? :stuck_out_tongue: