The stupid question thread


Why do people ask you are you sitting here when they see your stuff in the Chair


When you are at work, dressed in work gear, with a sign that reads “employee of…”, and still people come up to you and ask you; “Do you work here?”…

Or… When you’re dressed up in your work gear and you enter a random store, where employees wear completely different looking work gear… And still people come up to you and ask; “Do you work here?”


LOL, that has happened to me as well. One day I was wearing “usual” clothes instead of “work” clothes cause I had to spend the day in the office and do some stuff but I still had my name badge on cause if it got busy I had to jump upstairs and help and in the corridor one guy asked me if I was working there. Like, no, I just tend to wear a name badge around. Lol people!


You know what’s also fun? When you’ve helped a client and weeks later you go grocery shopping on your day off in your normal clothes, and that customer happens to be there at the grocery store too… And then they go; “How are you? Can you help me with this or that?” Like, sorry dude but I’m not at work, come back when I’m on duty and at my work place! But of course I don’t say that out loud, I just tell them to visit my coworkers who are available… lol


That’s so irresponsible of you, how dare you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes I know, I’m very proud of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Why does Drake sound like he’s falling asleep while having a stroke in front of the microphone?


This is not a stupid question, but a legit one :joy:


If ‘one’ is pronounced as ‘wan’ , why isn’t ‘zone’ pronounced as ‘zwan’ ? :joy:


Because maybe the guy who discovered zone was named zone and his name was pronounced as we normally pronounce zone


That makes no sense. Words are invented not discovered.


:joy::joy: well for me its it happy birthday by the way @the_termin8r


Why does a badly played violin almost make me cry?


This might be because violin brings us so much emotions no matter good or bad it is played


In that case violin played by me would always make you cry :joy: :joy:


Why do americans call biscuits cookies?


Because a biscuit is something else in the US. Not sure but a biscuit in America looks like a scone. So I am not sure if a biscuit or scone is the same thing

EDIT: No they are not the same:


:unamused: why do the British drive on the wrong side of the road :joy: I feel an argument coming


Because they can :sunglasses: I have no idea, but I do agree that they drive on the wrong side of the road


I totally forgot about this! :joy: