The stupid question thread


LOL the same comes for lift and elevator…what’s the difference?? :joy:


They’re synonymous. A cookie, biscuit and scone are 3 completely different things.


Why are you the only ones left using retarded imperial masurments for pretty much everything and Fareheit for temp?


Because we’ve been focused on our spelling :joy::stuck_out_tongue:


That too, why do you people seem to hate the letter ‘U’ ?



This how you spell in the UK right





What makes my blood boil consistently is your inability to spell aluminium properly. :joy:

EDIT: When I say ‘your’ I mean as a nation, not you specifically, Steph. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t blame other counties for looking down at us

And okay sorry for the miss understanding


LOL :see_no_evil:


You might be confusing and elevator and an escalator. One is a moving room, the other is a moving staircase. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why do I need sleep


Because you’re not a robot like Rob :stuck_out_tongue:


No I think he gets a couple hours a night



Actually, when it’s not hot, I sleep more than most. I just have a weird pattern where I go to sleep at 0200 and wake up at 1100.


Why are pigtails called pigtails when they look nothing like pigs’ tails???


Am I the only one that really enjoys going grocery shopping?


Yes. I haven’t set foot in a grocery shop in over 3 months.


I like it too, but I’m going alone, because when I’m going there with others it’s a hell.


What were Walkers thinking of when they discontinued the BBQ Ribs flavour that came in the black bags some years ago?


A grown cashier asking what # month september is :neutral_face: