The stupid question thread


I’m pretty certain it’s 37.


I was about to say sometimes people get distracted. Then I saw this and thought “Maybe numbers are tough for some to grasp”.


When you tell someone you don’t eat meat and they ask you:
I made chicken, chicken isn’t meat right?


What part they don’t understand that chicken is meat.


Are you thinking for yourself when someone tells you to think for yourself?


When you’re doing nothing, how do you know when you’re done?



What happened to our Nemophilist group?! Lol


You mean our vampire group :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yea :smirk::smirk: the vampire grp !


Can Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber cut through Captain America’s Shield?


No idea.


A lightsaber wouldn’t cut through Captain America’s shield, it would eventually melt it.

There is a 2016 youtube video for this.


I have so many questions.


Texas. 'nuff said.


No. You shouldn’t pull out the big guns yet. That’s a perfect line of reasoning, but let’s take a simpler approach and wonder a bit more.


I’m not so sure it was an accident. How did she get in his apartment so easily? Surely her keys wouldn’t have worked. I think there is indeed more to this.


Meh. That’s easy. She thought it was her room. The locks must have sensed it and changed themselves to continue to fool her. She needed a well deserved rest. And when a pure heart desires something, the locks conspire to help you.


Am I the only one here who tries to eat everything in as few bites as possible (usually one)?


:flushed: You’re a human!!! You should do some bites, munch a bit and so on…you’re not a starving animal… or yes? :sweat_smile:


The looks on people’s faces when they see me shove something down my mouth in one go is gold. I chew it…a bit (obviously), I don’t swallow it whole. Like, I just downed a wagon wheel in one go, my friends were horrified to watch me eat a mars bar in one go and my mum nearly had a heart attack when I shoved an entire hotdog in my mouth…in a crowded area. :joy: