The stupid question thread


That’s impressive… :flushed: I’m with the shocked people… :see_no_evil:


Good thing you weren’t there to watch me eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut in one go. :joy: :joy: :joy:


No, you’re not :joy:


Smh…just…smh :joy:


Why do so many people lack spatial awareness?

OT: Just hit 20K posts.


Did you mean spiritual?


No, I mean spatial, people who have no idea what’s going on around them, they have no awareness, you notice it while walking a lot, also while driving.


You point something out that just happened and 75% of the time everybody is like wait what? Uhhh? Where? When? :man_facepalming:t2:


I meant it more in the sense of people not being able to tell there’s others around them, like today, I was basically blasting through crowds and none of them could seem to think logically as to what they should do next when walking and what my intentions are when I’m walking. Like I’d be doing the walking equivalent of tailgating them and they’d have no idea I’m behind them.


Ahh lol. I’m kinda guilty of this a little, I play on my phone always while I’m out, but I still notice people around me. But it might just be my paranoia, I’m not sure.


Ahh lol I always start hearing mad eye moody yell out constant vigilance! if I’m being stupid :joy:


I nearly took out a little kid on a scooter like that today. Had my ear buds in and I was walking down a path in a park. When I have my buds in, I start using my eyes more, however at no point did I expect something to brush past me at just over knee-height within 10cm of my leg. I usually look around at my eye level.


Probably due to people staring at their phones


It happens even when they’re not.


why is it like when you’re walking on the streets and people keep looking at you in your face as if you owe them something this is pretty annoying though


I was gonna say this! This happened with me 5-6 times today…


What? hahaha people just look around, don’t take it personal


No. You didn’t get it. They stare :joy:


Nobody stares me down on the street, few have tried, none have succeeded. :joy:


That’s the spirit. When people stare at you, you stare back at them :joy: