The Sunrise - NickGr


Genre: hip-hop/rap

Let’s go!
All i’ve ever done was digging out my grave
And now I’m in here rising like a wave
Now I’ve awoken from my nightmare
I feel like a soldier coming home from the frontier
Raising my head , no more shall I bow
All of those thoughts seem so unreal now
And no more this thing inside swallows me
No, I’m killing it, the sun is my blade
And I’m living the new day
Going on my new way
My soul is so clear now , it shines inside
I’ve let everything unwind
And now I’m flying around like a butterfly
Looking over the horizon where the sun shines so bright.

I’ve looked right into the faceless void
It didn’t look back at me, but from now I’ll avoid
Falling in that hell again
My heart is beating
I won’t be scratching my soul again.
I feel like a sinner on a confession
Like a student after his session
I’ve came home , I’m not alone
No more I’m building up this sorrow dome
It’s all so surreal , maybe it’s my dream
And I feel the light inside of me
So now I’m walking away
Going to you in the new way
And if you feel like there’s nowhere to go,
I’ll tell you: there’s so much brightness in this world
Just see it and then it will make you rise up
Stronger than the ground, tearing your woe apart.
Believe me and let’s go
There’s so much things yet not done.


line it up on plug please… lol honestly?

great spirit :notes:


Nice song @NickGr


wow wow wow you wowed me @NickGr


Nice song @NickGr


I liked it. I was feeling a bit sad. :slight_smile: happy to read this. :blush::blush: