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Good, I can do without the torment. :stuck_out_tongue:



You keep hitting my favorites-first himym now watermelon :sweat_smile:


Glad to hear that :smile: finally someone have the same taste! :joy::joy:


Dinner :yum:


Baklava and a supposedly forest fruit smoothie. Tastes good though.


I found mango flavoured coke. Like wow!


Bambi was delicious. :yum:


At this point I’m just a mad scientist…

@the_termin8r time to try out the grilled sandwich idea lol

Attempt 1 Aborted… the beans are THROUGH the grill, I repeat…beans are through the grill, Houston clean up on aisle 6…
I guess the stereotype that Mexicans can’t have a BBQ is true…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I didn’t have much sandwich building material…so sliced wheat, ham slice, tomato, avocado, mayo

3minutes in: wheat is charring, ham edges slightly charred, visible mozarella ooze, both sides of bread already crispy to the touch

Edit 2:
6minutes in: the heat is brutal, wheat edges taking damage, feels like a brick to the food tongs, pocket knife has penetrated the bread’s center upon forward rotation
On the plus side, the inside looks great :yum:

Edit 3:
8minutes: evacuation commenced, initial findings: bread has turned cracker crispy, outer perimeter of sandwich fully cooked to deliciousness, core of sandwich however slightly undercooked, unmelted cheese visible, ham cool to touch

Edit 4:
Post-experimental conclusions
Quite tasty :yum:

It is my final opinion that however slightly undercooked the center ham may have been, the texture of both the crunchy exterior coupled with the smooth, rich inner texture- in reality who gives a crap? It cooked well enough a hungry man won’t notice a slightly undercooked center :yum:

So can you BBQ a sandwich as was postulated by @the_termin8r in the stupid question thread? I think this is perfectly plausible…

Bonus conclusion: 15minutes of my life spent extra stupidly :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the technical report style. Also I expected the centre to be undercooked even back when I suggested it.


Glad you could appreciate the presentation lol
And yes, I do recall you saying just that, now if it were meatloaf or pulled pork, then there might be an issue with undercooking :stuck_out_tongue:


Grilled watermelon? I never would’ve thought of that :smile:


Is that his eyeballs? :stuck_out_tongue: :upside_down_face::grimacing:


Same as @anngelenee … I’m really curious about how the grilled watermelon tasted…Was it good @framos1792 ??


Venison meatballs.


I guessed :joy:


You should give them a try, they’re good.


@lpfan61 @anngelenee Not as good as I thought… :confused: not as good lol lemon zest, sugar dusting, and crushed red pepper
The idea is it caramelizes but didn’t really work for me, it was really wet and gooey :sweat_smile: maybe not hot enough grill but yeah…
I had heard other people do it that’s why I looked it up :man_shrugging:
Kept me entertained at least :sweat_smile:


I don’t think you can, cause it has much water in it… :sweat_smile: