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I’m not even sorry


You should try grilled pears next time, trust me they will way better :wink:



:sweat_smile: I’ll try it next time :slightly_smiling_face:




I don’t think he is :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

That’s the moment you stop midway and forget you need to go :neutral_face:


He isn’t but I am :slight_smile: and I post that because @the_termin8r asked me to try meatballs not because I have to spread the word about that :stuck_out_tongue:



I figured once I saw your bunny food platter lol :stuck_out_tongue:

And I meant the weird dude being eerily awkward in the cartoon isn’t :joy:

@the_termin8r is a friggin cannibal lol


Funny you should say that, a friend in uni calls me Rob the cannibal occasionally, because I said that if you were to serve me human and tell me that it’s human, I’d still eat it. :joy:


I’d expect nothing less :joy: that’s exactly why when and if the world goes apocalyptic I’m NOT joining up with your group :disappointed_relieved:


What group? I roll solo. More food that way too.


The group you “pretend” to like until you start filleting them up for your evening meals lol


Menu of the day

Dinner: Broccoli soup

Drinks: Red wine


Peanut butter pie with whipped cream And with hot fudge



Ah! A defector, welcome to being a carnivore


That looks like a veggie burger.


It is :wink: :seedling:





I don’t take the part of that


I thought we were friends, how could you betray me like that? Draw me in and then jam the knife between my ribs with a twist.