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Hey! The last few burgers were too :seedling: so whats the broblem? :joy: Damn we have two extremes ! lol


How would you feel if I had ketchup made of animal blood? :joy:


I will calling to Peta!

Edit: Jk eat what do you want :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL. My posts were joke posts in case it didn’t come across.


I know :joy: I’m just wondering how do you squeeze the squirrel to the ketchup bottle.


I was eating out at this bistro where I eat regularly. I tried to order the salmon with whisky sauce, explaining that I don’t eat meat but do eat fish and dairy products. Which confused the waitress. Apparently this bistro uses animal blood to spice up the whisky sauce…



Pasta and it’s sauce



Looks :yum: - makes me hungry :yum:



For you Nick


Please tell me you didn’t eat 60 nuggets. :joy:


No I sharing them with my mom

Just curious what Nick. Is going to say :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Please tel me you didn’t eat 30 nuggets :joy:



We are going to gave a few to the a cat that’s always by are door and gave a few to my moms friend


I’m just teasing :stuck_out_tongue:
Fun fact-there’s four shapes (bell, bow tie, ball, and boot :grin:


Thanks for the fun fact. @framos1792


That’s a lot as well.



Nick’s gonna show you this