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I haven’t tried to blue ones so I can’t speak for them. I’m also yet to run into some sour patch kids.


I was debating between sour patch kids and skittles, then I saw sour skittles but I like rainbows so went for the blue pack :stuck_out_tongue:


The green pack are my fav. Why not pick up some skittles and SPKs?


Haven’t seen the green pack. 'Cause I wanted to do the cinnamon rolls as well so don’t need to have too much junk food in the house.


From the last days


Drinking on the mountains.


@the_termin8r I liked those skittles, didn’t expect them to be that chewy though.


I said they were like maoams with a hard shell.


Oh yeah, forgot about that. I like them. I’ll try the other ones at some point too.


I’m having dry Frosties again. I always have them at the weirdest times. lol



I guess i forgot to mute this for 4-5 months!! :sob::sob::sob:



Dinner :ok_hand: :hamburger:





Paris Starbucks at La Defense





Ok, my mother is back home. :joy::blush: