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Yes, it was.


Was?! You muuuurderrerrrrrrr!:sob:


:joy: stop playing with the food! It’s for eating, no for playing :confused:


I mean…it looks so yummy but now…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Is it candied or sth? looks delicious



It’s easy to do.

  1. Put the bananas with a little water to cook. (optional add cinnamon)
  2. Add the sugar to each slice.
  3. Turn them to the other side.
  4. Repeat step 2.
  5. Enjoy.


I dont asking for the recipe but tank you!:blush:


Wow! @annejprado tank you!


Your very welcome



One day I’ll make smthg by my own hands and then post here as first food item :blush:


So I’ve made pictures of almost all the delicious food I had during my trip in Indonesia. Fresh fish, fresh veggies, fresh fruits. All the food was just so good!

The food I had on Garuda Airlines:

Some of the food I had:

Shrimps and short noodles:

Ikam bakar [a black grilled fish]

Manado City style Chap Chai [stir fried veggies]

Ikan Bakar [another black grilled fish]

Bubur Manado, boiled eggs, pisang goreng [deep fried bananas], tofu and deep fried fish

Durian ice cream with chocolate and a cherry on top

Another Airmadidi style Chap Chai

Stir fried noodles with a boiled egg

Rujak [Typical Indonesia fruits in sweet sour sauce]

Es Kelapa Mudah [Young coconut with ice]

More bubur Manado

Biapong [Pastry with sweet red beans inside]

Ikan Bakar Girami [A grilled red fesh]

Stir fried rice with seafood

Gado Gado [veggies salad with peanut butter sauce]

Ikan Bakar, JogJakarta style and a drink non-alcoholic called Blue Moonshine

An attempt to European breakfast and fresh Papaya at JogJakarta

This delicious fresh fruit smoothie of which I don’t know the name

Brown Bean Soup, JogJakarta style

Two more attempts to European style breakfast, with fresh picked Jambu Air on the side

Vegetarian Soto Soup in Purworedjo

More breakfast in JogJakarta

Fresh coconut at Pantai Parangtritis

A fish soup of which I forgot the name at Pantai Parangtritis

Gado Gado and a glass of Tjendol

Stir fried mihoen with seafood and a Taro Milkshake

The Papandayan Club Sandwich in Bandung

More fish, some emping, tempeh and a glass of wild strawberry juice in Bandung

A special Javanese Coffee blend at The Papandayan, Bandung

These tasty pastries at The Papandayan, Bandung

Some fresh fruit [watermelon, galia melon, pineapple, papaya and grapes with a glass of hot Bandrek and a cold glass of non-alcoholic fruit cocktail at The Papandayan

Rainbow cake at a local bakery in Bandung

Green Tea Capuccino

Irish Coffee, The Papandayan style

Papaya and Sirsak smoothies

Batavia Coffee with a tic at Batavia Cafe, Old Jakarta

Sundanese Pasteries at Batavia Cafe and a glass of Tjendol

Es Campur [kolang kaling (sugar palm fruit), tjendol drops, avocado, jackfruit, pineapple, and grass jelly]


Out of everything there…:thinking: favorite dish, favorite dessert, favorite drink? Go! :astonished:

Ot: (kind of pales in comparison :joy:)

What you go to in n out for @melisLP :stuck_out_tongue:
Fresh cut fries, American cheese, grilled onions, thousand island dressing :yum:


I really loved the fresh fruits! They taste much better than the fruit here in Europe. :yum::yum:


Traditional Slovak Treska for breakfast :yum:


Those look awesome. Next time I’m absolutely getting them.


Dinner; Roti Fiesies


Welcome back @gatsie ! I hope you had a wonderful time!


Thanks dear @AJ_7 :heavy_heart_exclamation:I had a great time and hopefully get to go again sometime soon :blush:


Fruittella multiple flavours: