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I make tu dou si yesterday


So, lunch was…interesting. Was out and about with friends and we stopped off at a pub for food. I ordered a burger called the ‘Fat Santa’ (which cost 18 bloody quid) that had 2 burgers, a chicken schnitzel, a layer of pulled pork, bacon, some kind of sauce, lettuce and tomato.

The thing came nailed to a plank of driftwood with a knife and the chips came in a small plant pot with a tiny portion of coleslaw in the sort of pot you’d put your ketchup in for the chips. That was the single most impractical meal I’ve ever eaten. What was wrong with a plate? The burger was good, but not £18 good. I also couldn’t ask the waiter for a Fat Santa while keeping a straight face. :joy:

I didn’t take a pic because I don’t roll like that.


Found a pic on google, it looked something like this, except the burger was bigger, the driftwood was smaller and the burger was nailed down with a knife.


One day you will find your perfect Fat Santa :santa:t4:

EDIT: They should call this burger Fat Bat in these time of the year (?)


Have u guys ever seen an m&m chocolate bar?

Anyway happy Halloween, even though I’m too busy for it.


Happy Halloween :ghost:


Pankakesssssss :yum::yum::yum:




I don’t regret anything :blush:


Home cooked food during the rain:


Looks good :yum: enjoy!


Good morning




Finishing off a box of 2+ month old box of Frosties that I found under my desk right now. :joy:





Will you adopt me and feed me? :speak_no_evil:


No problem!:joy: You have to go vegetarian but that’s not the problem, right? :laughing:


Me too? Hahahaha


To eat those dishes I will become a veggiesaur :thinking::scream:


Yaay! my family is getting bigger :joy: :+1:t4:


Good name :joy::sauropod: That makes me happy bacause the biggest half of my family just loove meat and they just can’t imagine dish without meat, so I cook to myself :wink: